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10K. I am speechless

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Well after last weeks debacle I found my mojo hiding under my trainers as one of you said and have just ran my first ever 10K. Fell down at 8k so ran final 2 with bloody knee but I don’t care because I am wonderful (chuffed as you can see)

I am 55, 4 years ago I had a hip replacement. I don’t know what made me start running in May for the first time in my life but so glad I did. THANK YOU to all of you who encouraged me to do this.

Maybe not exactly speechless! 😘

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Wow !!!!

Simply brilliant!!!


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That is absolutely amazing mate, I'm hoping to do 10k in the near future, when did you graduate? because 10k is a great achievement. 😊

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KimLoulouGraduate in reply to Martin_Rose

Graduated end of July. Doing parkruns and slowly building up

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Martin_RoseGraduate in reply to KimLoulou

Excellent, I did my first park run on Saturday, loved it.

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Yay well done 😀

Wow great respect for you 👍🏃

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Amazing!! You're an inspiration 😊 And I love the run map, it looks mad and erratic and makes me happy!! I picture you chasing fun things like dogs or butterflies all over that park. And your knee war wound will be a reminder of what a warrior you are!! 💪

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KimLoulouGraduate in reply to Wingie


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WingieGraduate in reply to KimLoulou

Haha I knew it was something fluffy and fun! 😂

Wow! What a distance! What pace! What steep hills! (I run in the park too). I am 56, 3 runs from graduation, and so inspired by you Kim Lou lou. A fantastic achievement. Well done.

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KimLoulouGraduate in reply to

Nora, do you run in Greenwich Park? If so do you fancy joining me on this?


in reply to KimLoulou

How lovely of you to ask. I'd love to, but I can't run 10k! Maybe a 5k run, but I haven't even run that far yet. Please ask me again in a couple of months. In the meantime, I'll be practicing running some hills, I avoid them at the minute.

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KimLoulouGraduate in reply to

They do a 5k one too!

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KimLoulouGraduate in reply to KimLoulou

And greenwich parkrun is great - doesnt matter if you have to walk some of the way - i do

in reply to KimLoulou

How about we meet up at a Parkrun? In about a month, after I've graduated. It'll give me something to work towards. I'm too chicken to do the one you've suggested.

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KimLoulouGraduate in reply to

Let me know when you feel comfortable to go. I go to Greenwich (which is in Avery Hill Park) but this week trying Bexley (Danson Park). Only problem i have is it is too early on a Saturday morning...

in reply to KimLoulou

Thanks Kim, I will. See you in a month or so.

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Awesome job, well done! 👍🏻

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That’s fantastic. And what a great time. Go you! 🌟

Lottie_C profile image

Fabulous achievement. Well done!

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Congratulations! Very well done. You ran your first 10k in exactly the same time as mine, to the second!

Glad you found your mojo !

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KimLoulouGraduate in reply to EleanorL

That's weird!!

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That is bloody fantastic a massive hearty well done bloody knees and all

Mo jos like being taken out for long runs.....

You seem to be quite good at this running lark. Well done! Great speed too.


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Wow - amazing! You have inspired me to register for a couple of 10k's I have been umming and ahhing about. Thanks.

Kimterry profile image

Absolutely brilliant! Well done to you!!👍

Congratulations Kim! That is a huge milestone! 🏆 I'm trying to get there now too.

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