W9R3 Completed a day late but...I Graduated! :)

A bit of a iffy start as overlay as I didn't get to sleep until 3am...but not at work so slept till 10.30.

We were at a 50th birthday party on saturday and I decided to juice all night- but barley, hops and then french grape variety so sunday was a wash out and was still very delicate all day yesterday. I really shouldn't juice ;)

I had lots of demons in my head today. I actually heard myself saying I couldn't do it, and I actually argued back saying that of course i could and i had ran 30 minutes, 32, 35 and even 40 in the last few weeks but STILL they kept coming, so I started out telling myself I could walk if i wanted to (again) and I FELT i was running slower but actually covered the same distance PLUS another add on (but didn't do an extra long hilly cul de sac today) in the 30 minutes but Boy, It was hard today BUT I DID IT!


I have just sat and had a ham salad sandwich and as I am writing this, I have beamed and realised, I have completed the C25K . Who'd have thought it?

Thank you for all the support and advice and I think I will have a few weeks of running 30-40 minutes and then look at maybe the 10 K programme as I REALLY want to lose weight :)

Thanks again. Now, where do I get my badge from?

Janet :D


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35 Replies

  • Well done. Brilliant!

  • Well done! I would recommend you look at keeping to 30-40 minutes of running three times a week for the next 3-4 weeks and then increase the distance/time of ONE of those runs if you're looking to move to 10K... no more than about 10% a week...

    There are B210K programmes and the like but be wary of stepping up too soon.. don't get carried away... :)

    Enjoy your graduation glow and make sure you have treats.. LOTS of treats... you are AWESOME!

    :) :)

  • Thanks Aussie, I was actually thinking at LEAST 4 weeks upto 40 minutes and then maybe increasing to 45 -there is a run and then around a reservoir and back home that is around 45-50 minutes and my mind set at the moment is I can't do it so that is my next challenge before I look at trying for ten K. I think I need to feel able to breathe better before i push on to greater distances.

    Having said that, there is a dear old gentleman who lives on the cul de sac route- he has encouraged me from week 1 bless him and today he shouted me and said I was doing well and I replied "i wonder when it gets easier?" but as I said it, i realised I HAD just ran up the inclines and ran better and breathed easier so my aim is to feel ready to run longer :)

    Thank you for the encouragement and for calling me awesome (blushing face)

  • It never gets easier - YOU get stronger... :)

    That sounds a perfect plan... just slowly add on the time/distance for one run a week in about a month and you might just surprise yourself at how awesome you can be... slow and steady though... no going off and getting injured like yours truly.. that's no fun!

  • Well done, Janet.. that's great news!!!! Congratulations on your graduation :-)

    I know what you mean about the old 'juice'.. we drink far too much of the evil stuff here, in fact we end up juicing *whispers* every night.. my 14yo reckons me and husband should both 'GoSoberForOctober' ..worth a try I suppose, but that's like ..31 days!!!!

  • Thank you Petraj,

    the "juice" is what stops me losing weight I think..... we used to partake most evenings but have knocked it off alot recently (which means it affected me so much saturday night :( ) but it is soooo easy to do it isn't it?

    Thankfully, my tastes have changed and I don't like heavy wines, I mean, juice anymore so if peter has a red grape juice ;) and I don't like it, I just don't drink it.

    If I sodastream some water I am also fine without but some evenings I will have a glass only to drink a bottle and even though I know i will suffer the next day, I still do it and then get the munchies :(( hence no weight loss!

    GosoberforOctober sounds like a plan to me :) ... but, as you say, 31 days! :o

    Maybe we should start a group? (gulp)

  • Good plan. I fell off the wagon big time through the summer holidays! I'm back on the 'no booze on school nights' regime again now, and feeling SOOOOO much better for it. It makes you wonder why we bother in the first place doesn't it ... just can't say no ...

  • theguardian.com/lifeandstyl...

    Now - don't be fooled - I'm an Aussie and I LOVE my beer... running and too much beer the night before is foolish (did it once, didn't like it at ALL). Running hard and then drinking beer afterwards just seems to negate the whole point...

    I still like a beer but like a lot of us we now schedule these things around our running - so we end up naturally laying off it a bit... I drink a lot less than I did 6 months ago. Not because I was drinking too much then, just because if I'm going to train in the mornings (including Sunday) then I probably don't need a hangover... :)

  • I'm surprised to hear myself saying it, but me too! Who would have ever thought I would turn down a nice glass of rose on a Sunday evening?!

  • Congratulations Janet!

  • Thank you Clara... I am chuffed to bits :)

  • Superb effort - really well done. Hopefully I can join you tomorrow and pick up that all important badge.

    It's been really nice reading your posts and being able to relate to what you are writing! Well done again, keep it up! :)

  • Thanks Herbie, I was just looking for your post to congratulate you on graduating and i am a day late.... Congratulations :)

  • Many congratulations Janet! What a brilliant achievement. I hope that smile stays plastered to your face for at least a week. No one and nothing can take that away from you.

    I know that when I graduated I intitially felt a bit at a loss as to where to go next. I certainly found it helpful to put in a few more runs keeping to about three a week. You might want to think about distance covered a bit more as well. I used Runkeeper to track how far I was running and then gently looked to increasing the distance so that once a week I was doing a run that was 5-10% more than I did the week before. Some of the 10km programs can be a bit of a challenge so do be careful not to injure yourself by pushing too hard.

    The really really best bit comes when you run one of your previous routes that you struggled with and it is SO MUCH EASIER!!

    What an accomplishment though! Well done you :)

  • Thank you Kingfisher :)

    I know what you mean about too much too soon, so will take all the advice offered.

    I went out and added another road onto my run today and managed 40 minutes and 5.1 K - so I will stick to that for a while but different routes. Having said that, I can now not only run 30 minutes but have pushed myself to 5k..I could enter a park run now :)

    Isn't it a fab programme? I have NEVER stuck it 9 weeks before- only 2 because i was douing too much too soon and hated it!

    Thanks again,

    Janet x

  • Janet - congratulations - you are an achiever and have achieved. You are awesome - easy or hard, you did it. :)

  • :D Thank you Runon. I see you are graduating soon too :) we are ALL awesome and achievers! Isn't it great what we can do with a good mind set, a good programme and alot of friends?


  • Well done Janet, no juice can match that " Graduation glow " You did it Missus, all the hard work and determination you put in has paid off big time :-)

    The sky's the limit for you now , this is just the beginning !

    Cheers ! ( clinks tea cup/mug/urn ) xxx

  • Ahhh Poppypug,

    I LOVE your posts and encouragement. Thank you!

    As i just said to Runon; Isn't it great what we can do with a good mind set, a good programme and alot of friends supporting us?

    Thank you


  • Well done Janet. Having 1st week envy here!

  • Oh Molly, keep at it- it REALLY does work :))

    Still thrilled to bits here and in a mere 8 weeks, you will be feeling the same :)

  • Oh that's great news ! Well done for getting out there and smashing through the demons !

    Shiny badge time :)

  • Thank you EJB


  • Whoop whoop. Well done. Grin still firmly in place I hope. Go get that shiny badge :-)

  • Thanks thp24, yes, still a tad crackers looking lol. ;)

  • Hooray and well done ! I agree it doesn't get easier you just get better...

  • Than you Henpen, and i think you are right. I have been out today and, yes, it was another challenge (as i reversed my route so had a hill to start with and then hilly inclines to finish-not nice) but I KNEW i could do it, and I got a PB- 5.1K in 40 minutes, so something to work on-probably longer distance rather than speed for me though :) oh, and I FINALLY lost some weight. Only 1.5LBS but my shaoe is changing and now I am running further and longer, maybe it will start to come off :D

  • Well done ;-)

  • Thank you Belinda :)

  • hehe! grin STILL in place especially now i have a shiny "graduate" badge next to my name :)

    Thank you all for all the supportive posts and congratulations ....Herbie next ;)

  • Well done!! Doesn't it feel great to have the Graduate badge against your name?! :)

  • Thank you CKC1, it really does. I showed Peter but either he thinks I'm slightly mad or he's jealous since he's not been able to run with me. he-he. [joke- i'm sure it's the former]

    He's seeing a physio man tonight though so hopefully they can sort his pulled calf muscle out...

  • Super well done, you definitely sound like you are ready to think about building towards a 10k, I am very impressed!

  • Thank you MP....It will be you in a couple of days. :) I wanted to go out again today but decided to have a baking day instead (baking meat pies for peter)

    I will stick to 30-40 minutes a day for a few weeks and then try and build up some distance and hopefully improve my breathing too lol

    Good luck for the next two days x

  • Well done for graduating.

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