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should i go backwards

ok am at week 7 run 2. Have NEVER failed a run thus far however with this run two I got real pain in my lower back and HAD to stop. SO should i just redo run 2 on saturday OR maybe go back and do week six and see how i get on?

Only thing out of ordinary is that i was painting skirting boards an hour before the run in cramped conditions...

Thoughts please :-)

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Just re-do this one - everyone has a bad day. You maybe needed a longer warm up to straighten out after that awkward painting ! If your back is still sore, maybe have an extra days rest, or go for a walk instead. Good luck ! :-)


Will have a go tonight after work (damn these 12hr shifts)

Cheers :-)


Ditto what sfb350 said. Better to have an extra rest day if your back hurts, than make it worse and have a longer, enforced rest as a result. When you feel okay, just redo this run. Since about week 6, I've been doing longer warm-ups (about 10 mins brisk walk) as I find it makes the run go better. This might help too, especially if you're a bit stiff.


Legion (for you are many (Frankenstien)) THAT sounds like a very good plan. Thank you


Ah, is that where it originates? Glad the run went better on second go. :)


In original the Monster named himself he was made of many men....completed run3 today....wk8 on wednesday oooer


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