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race for life

race for life

hi all

Well, I did it, I managed to run the 5km race for life this morning. Whats even better, is that I managed to knock 2mins of my PB - I managed to do it in just under 46mins!!

Im so happy with myself. Ive had a fair few bad runs recently, and even this morning, my knees were hurting pre-race. But I took an ibuprofen, and told my knees to shut up! :) They were fine throughout the run.

I started stronger than before, but did end up slowing down. It was tough, but I think its because the course was pretty tough - a very long half mile that is uphill!! Plus I was running it on my own - Ive never ran 5km on my own before. My sister was doing it with me, but shes not been training, and I ended up leaving her, with her blessings, (she actually said ;dont even think of slowing down - GO!!!!') within 5mins of the run starting.

The end was hard, I pushed myself so hard in the last few meters, that I didnt know if I could cross the line - i had to rest against the rails just after the finishing line, to get my breath back - even St Johns Ambulance came over to ask if I was ok - I was, just completely deprived of oxygen thats all. Within 30 secs or so I was back to being a normal out of breath!!

I am so proud of myself, and am now more determined to keep at it, and am wanting to aim to do a 10km run next year!!! - In the meantime I want to improve my current PB!!!

Photo attached is of me pre-run before I was absolutely exhausted!!!

Thanks to those who sponsored me, and if there is anyone who still wants to sponsor/donate, then please do so at


Lisa xxxx

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Well done that is fabulous each time you do it I am sure your PB will improve.



Well done you. must have been those wings helping you fly round.


Well done!


Fantastic! Well done! Lovely photo!


Well done!! Fab cause and a new PB, you must be beaming :D


I really am beaming! I've actually woke up bouncing this morning! In such a good mood, which is a definate first for a while!


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