T-Minus 36 Hours

Aussie here with a quick report on pre-race preparations. In preparation for Saturday's 10K today I did - wait for it - absolutely nothing (well, except work - couldn't get away from that I'm afraid). 5 litres of water, no booze or soft drinks and a proper diet today of cereal for breakfast, cous cous and fruit for lunch and a lovely bowl of pasta for dinner...

I now have my C25K Graduate badge to pin to my shirt (not running in the graduate top as it's not my most comfortable top) and if it doesn't irritate me it'll be on for the race (if it does it's going in the pocket of my shorts)...

Looking forward to the start and getting those legs back over the line 10000m later... bring it on! Not looking forward to the heat and if the words "mostly cloudy on Saturday" are uttered by a weather girl then this will be a VERY happy Aussie lad... I've clearly been in the UK too long when the chance of it being 23-24 during the run is worrying me... :)

Happy running folks - been some great posts of late and apologies if I haven't been as active online today... there's this work thing that needed doing... hehehe..


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35 Replies

  • Thanks KK - I'm a little bit excited and quite a bit nervous... but then I keep telling myself I shouldn't be... what's the worst that could happen? I walk? Bah... big deal.. I take 1:30 to get around? Still a PB... I finish last? Then I'll get the biggest cheer of the day and still be home before most of my non-running mates are out of bed having tried my darn best over 10K...

    Nervous energy is good energy and once the starting gun goes then it's "remember you've done this before" and "ignore everyone else - run your own race Aussie"... :)

  • Just watching the CWG swimming the Australian's are running away with a lot of the medal (pardon the pun) :) Good luck for your 10K

  • Thanks OG - did you see the triathlon? How those women and men can run 10K after the swim and the cycle is beyond me... amazing stuff!

  • Yeh I'm afraid I've had rather a lot of time on the couch today!!! The triathlon really is a hard fought race without a doubt. Hannah Miley who won gold for Scotland trains in the pool where I swim, its part of my gym :)

  • All coming along nicely Aussie, by the sounds of it youve got it all sussed . I am starting to feel excited and nervous for you :-) Oh please , lets have some rain on Saturday .

    Looking forward to the "day before " report tomorrow, if you see what I mean :-) xxx

  • Oh - you'll get a report tomorrow alright - another day of doing nothing I expect (my legs feel really good today)... and perhaps even a pre-race report on Saturday... no doubt I'll be up pacing the halls in my gear from early doors... :)

  • The suspense.....you'd better post your result on here pdq on Saturday !! We will be waiting....

  • Haha! Results will be in by lunchtime... unless I've taken a detour INTO the Thames... :)

  • It's getting close now and you sound mega organised and up for the race. Very best of luck Aussie you deserve a PB though the heat may be against you is time.

  • The advantage of it being my first timed 10K is that it will be a PB anyway... :)

    All ready for me to devour in the Autumn version of the same event... :)

  • Sounds like you're all sorted aussie, I'm hoping for cooler weather for you! x :-)

  • Thank you - me too! :)

  • All good prep. Just go for it & enjoy! Hope weather is kind!

  • Thank you! Hopefully a cool breeze at least!

  • Go, Aussie :) I'm getting nervous for you ;) Good luck (not that you'll need it) :)

  • Thanks mate.. it'll all be good I'm sure!

  • You'll be fine as long as you don't go off like a rocket. It's going to be hot so you'll just have to conserve energy. Are you carrying water? It might be a good idea if it's going to be as hot as we fear. Those towelling wrist bands might be a good idea to mop your fevered brow.

  • Not planning on carrying water as I haven't in the past and I don't want to be put off be using this as my first time carrying a bottle... any longer and I'm going to need a belt or a handheld bottle though.... I believe there'll be some water stations along the way if it all gets too much... :) I have my trusty running cap all ready to go which will no doubt be dripping with sweat by the time I get to 2K... :)

  • Go Aussie! The way you've prepared for this run you don't need luck :)

    Enjoy and I look forward to reading about it, running bud x

  • Thanks Em - I'm looking forward to it. I'll use you as my "virtual pacer" on Saturday... :)

  • Ooo Aussie its getting close!!! I've got butterflies in my tummy for you. So exciting!! You seem to have done everything possible to get it right on the day, so keep calm and carry on hydrating. :)

  • Thanks AM... "Keep Calm and Carry on Hydrating"... love it... :) I will!

  • You sound like your mega organised, I'm getting nervous for you! Looking forward to reading your next posting. This is such a fab forum, so supportive, we shall all be cheering you on. I was watching the triathlon yesterday, and they are so inspiring.....not that I'm tempted to have a go. Will pray for rain for you. Go, Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi, oi!!

  • And it's raining! Let's hope it stays cool in the AM... :)

  • Have a great run Aussie can't wait for your post race post. Hope it rains ;-)

  • Raining right now - let's hope it stays cool(er)... :)

  • Good Luck Aussie your prep and training for this will help you sail through, looking forward to the race report, hope the weather is kind to you

  • Thanks - weather looking cooler than I expected in the morning... still sunny and warm though... :)

  • Just wanted to say we are all behind you. I know everyone is wishing you well. Looking forward to hearing all about it. Good luck. Even though you will be fine , you've done all the hard work.

  • Thanks!

  • Good luck with the race on Saturday, we will all be willing you on. Can't wait to hear your experiences in the post race report.

  • Will report by lunchtime I hope... :)

  • Good luck Aussie - you'll be fine as you are really well prepared. AND IT'S RAINING!! :-D Let's hope it stays nice and cool for the morning...

  • Let's hope so - it is LOVELY out there now... perfect for a run... :)

  • Virtual cheers on their way from Sweden. Should get there in time for the race, majority of them at the finishing line!

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