Interim quest week 2

Hi there

I hope you all have had a happy productive holiday.

How has your running gone over the last week. I am struggling but it's not through lack of motivation, for me it's lack of time. I am actually looking forward to getting back to work so I can fit in my running. Such a change in attitude in me from last year.

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And me realfoodieclub

So happy new year and happy running to everybody.

Rfc x


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36 Replies

  • Did really well the beginning of last week. Ran everyday with Christmas day being my last run. Went away from boxing day til Saturday evening. Woke up yesterday feelingyuk so although I wanted to run I decided not to. Today I feel a bit brighter but the weather is awful. I'm not normally a fair weather runner but don't want to risk going out in the wine and rain when I'm not well. Feeling frustrated!

  • Feel your frustration but think you made right descision Take care

  • Be kind to yourself. There is still so many bugs going around. I have a houseful of sore throats. The best thing is go when you feel right.

  • I felt like that when I had an awful cold (still not 100%) although I think I might have been tempted to go out for a run in the wine. ;-)

  • Um.. my last run was boxing day - a new pb 39:54 - well pleased with that, got it under 40 minutes (just).

    Couldn't run saturday as had to work and xmas visitor leaving. Sunday couldn't run as I had to take some stuff to empty my bowels for xray today, had to remain within running distance of the loo!

    Couldn't run today due to said hospital visit and further emptying of bowels. Yuk!

    Hopefully all back to normal tomorrow, perhaps a run in the afternoon.

    The xray was to find out the reason for my bowel probs when running - the things we put up with for our running passion. ;)

  • Had that med so you were really wise not to run Hope they find out whats wrong

  • Great news on your pb. Take it easy, those tests can take it out of you. Make sure you hydrate well afterwards. Hope you get it all sorted.

  • Congrats on the new PB. :-) Also, sympathies with the bowel problem. I think I may be heading that way myself, given the last few days. Hope you get some useful news from the xray and keep us posted.

  • Did parkrun on Christmas Day and on Saturday and two other runs which are part of B210k (4 x 10 mins with 1 min walk in between). Not felt particularly spritely - due to hang overs and food!) but I have done them. So I am chuffed that I have stuck to my plan.

    Next run will be parkrun on New Years Day and hope to fit in a 3 x 15min one on Friday which is the next B210k step. Working out how to fit it in to where I run... I shall be zigzagging about!

    RFC see you are signed up for jantastic! Team is looking good!

  • You are so right about excess food and drink affecting how we feel on our rns but good that you getting out there especially with stormy weather Good luck for PR on NYday

  • You've done well with your running. I pale in comparison. I am looking forward to getting back to it and jantastic. Good luck on your New Year's Day run.

  • I did park run on christmas day and sat and one other run so really pleased with that Pushed myself on christmas day cos just wanted to go even one sec faster to take me under the 36 mins but nearly min slower!! Suprised how dissapointed I was with time but grandchildren came and ran at end with me so that was lovely Grandson said I had to keep practising but I was 'quite' good ---hes only 3 but my inspiration so spurs me on to keep going Later I realised how ridiculous it was to get so focussed on time. So when I did same run on sat my goal was just to get round without stopping and to enjoy myself Felt so relaxed and for first time not nervous about doing parkrun ---but biggest suprise was my time --30 secs quicker!!!! Planning to run tomorrow morning so fingers crossed for weather This mini quest has kept me focussed so loads thanks to real fc for organising Hope you can get back out there soon yourself Good luck to everyone else

  • Must be lovely to go out with your grandchildren. I am sure he is right about the keep practicing. So sweet. I am so looking forward to getting back out there. I can't believe it has been so hard to get out. Great news on you park run time. Happy running.

  • I was lucky cos daughter and family all staying but son in law a runner so he keen to do parkruns so I had no excuse Sure you will soon get back into the swing of things

  • I'm the opposite to you rfc - the Christmas break has given me more time to run, and have been out every other day. Somehow the weather seems to change from its wet and windy, and mostly the runs have been in beautiful winter sun. Really mixing up the routes and found it fun. Only thing has been that yesterday's run I was struggling again in the first half and had to take a couple of walk breaks - I think perhaps my general fitness is still suffering a bit because other than the runs I seem to be spending rather a lot of time sat on my behind whereas when I'm at work I'm a bit more active. Anyway, I was out there and enjoyed it so I won't get too hung up on a few steps of walking.

    One piece of good news is my 12 year old daughter has decided to give the programme a go (as long as we go out in darkness and nowhere near her friends houses) - she is recovering from a nasty throat over Christmas so will start when she's back to full health. Can't wait! Although taking her out will mean less time for my own runs but I think starting again with her may help my speed in the long term.

  • Fantastic news on both fronts. Great that you have been able to get out and great news on your daughter starting. Wish her happy running from me. I can't wait to have the house a little quiter and my routine back. Too many quality street and vino as well. As you say best not to be too hard on yourself you have done really well and you will have the best motivation going out with your daughter.

  • Hi all. Been out in Xmas eve, then the 27th then the 30th. The last run was the first time I got back up to 5 k since I was ill. Time was 3 minutes slower than my pb but still. Chuffed I got out. Not sure whether to go tomorrow or the 2nd. Will see how the drinking and carousing go tonight!

    Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2014.

  • Well done on all your runs and getting back to 5k. Being ill and only 3min of pb is good going. I am sure you will not be alone with the drinking and carousing tonight. Happy healthy new year to you to.

  • I've done okay, I think - I've managed a run on Christmas day and one on the Saturday, and am hoping to go out again tomorrow if the weather isn't too bad. I was suffering from shin pain again and someone suggested that I try toe-heel (I am very flat-footed and thump along like a... very thumping thing :D ) so I tried this on my short run yesterday and although it felt odd, there was no shin pain - yippee! So I will be trying shorter runs for a while until I get the hang of this tippy-toe business :D Happy New Year to you!

  • Well done on getting out there. Glad to hear you have found something that seems to work with your shins. Take it easy, as our muscles take a while to get used to new things. Happy new year.

  • Hi all, somehow I've missed this thread until now. In terms of my goal to run 5k 3x week I have managed this despite holiday malaise (if it hadn't been for the quest I probably would've made excuses), but tweaked my calf (again!) on a steep uphill at parkrun so that's me off running. Was really looking forward to jantastic, but now not sure if I'll be okay for the start. :-(

  • Well done for keeping going, sorry you have strained your calf. For jantastic you could just put down walks I think, then as you feel better change it. That way you don't miss out. Hopefully recovery won't take too long.

  • Thanks rfc, didn't realise I could put down walks, that makes me feel better.

  • Yes, I'd say log walks. The point is to encourage you to be active but not to hurt yourself, so if you can manage some walking then that has to count. :-) Hope your calf feels better soon.

  • Thanks legion, I've checked the rules on the website and unfortunately they're pretty clear that it's got to be a run:

    Although you can play a 'joker' if injured, of which you're allowed 2 over the challenge (if I've read it right). Still hoping to be okay by next week as I'm walking fine, I won't push it though.

  • Hope you'll be able to join us. If you still don't feel ready for running then you could always join us in spirit by logging your walks on here. :-)

  • Thanks legion, I'll certainly be cheering everyone on if nothing else. Have just logged onto my jantastic profile and see we have 28 team members now, great stuff!

  • I did 5K on Christmas Day and managed a new PB. :-) Unfortunately, I haven't run since then as I've not been well. Still got some intestinal pain but I managed a full day at work today. Will hopefully go out for my first run of 2014 in the morning. Happy New Year and Happy Running everyone. :-)

  • Great news on you pb, sorry you don't feel well. Happy new year and happy running too.

  • I'm not meeting the goal I set myself but I am getting out there. Frequency is my problem. When I say I'll run every other day, if I miss one it's not so bad. I had however, decided to run every two days & that's where the problem arises because if I miss one day the gap between runs goes to 3 days & then starts to rise. Then I feel increasing distance is a bit risky as I'm not running enough. It's an "in the mind" thing again. I may have to rethink this in time for the Valentines Quest.

  • Go easy on yourself. Your still out there. Ask yourself the question. What were you running this time last year? If it's less then you have a bit of work but I suspect it's far more. Happy new year your a runner.

  • Thanks Rfc. I wasn't running this time last year as noted a couple of weeks ago. I was walking down one of my running routes with husband & there were loads of fallen apples. I love apple blossom & thought it strange that I hadn't noticed the trees in blossom & then realised I wasn't running at last apple blossom time. Now there's something to look forward to. (There's a song in that somewhere.)

  • Hi, RFC! Would it be ok if I joined you for the Interim Quest all as a way of keeping going, please? I was over enthusiatic in November and did myself a mischief but managed my first run in weeks yesterday. So intend to try and just keep getting out there for 30 minutes at least every 3 days and then maybe in February start thinking about increasing speed and distance.

    Happy New Year to you all!

  • Of course you can, your name has been added. Glad to hear to healing and ready to get out there again. Happy running.

  • Hurrah! Got out for a run today. Didn't plan anything ambitious, just went with it, and managed to run 5K. Thoroughly enjoyed it too. :-)

  • Well done for getting out there. And you enjoyed it!

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