Running in the sun - not fun!

Went for a run straight after work today and it was hot sunshine which I'm not used to for running (live in Scotland!) it was boiling! No breeze and very still so seemed lovely however managed 3k then had to stop and walk for 1k then managed another 2.3k then had to walk the rest! Felt quite ill running in such heat!

Anyone enjoy running in the sun? Felt a bit disappointed first bad run I've had for quite a while now!


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14 Replies

  • Yeah, it's a lot harder than one would think, isn't it? But you did it! Rather than be disappointed, you deserve to be proud about having done it in that heat. There is no such thing as a bad run... really!

  • Thanks Tomas :-) that makes me feel better I was giving my self a hard time about it! So much harder than you would think it would be! Don't know how people who live in hotter places manage a run!

  • It's hard isn't it!

    My knee also started to hurt too which hasn't happened before so worrying a bit about that!

    I do love the sun though :-)

  • I live in SE France and am just about to head out for today's run at 9:15pm as the sun is down and there is a breeze so I finally think its cool enough to run. Looking at Glasgow today on TV and at how much the Triathletes were struggling its no wonder you struggled ! If you're going to do it again, then make sure to hydrate tons before and during. And wear a hat, glasses and sunscreen and seek out shade !

  • I have not done to badly but today was mega hard! i went out on an interval run and did two out of the three. it was very hard when not in the shade x

  • No, it isn't fun. I did a slow 6k in really humid bright conditions last week and it was horrible, but I pushed myself to do it because I thought, if I can do it in this then I can do it anyhow! I think it helps to run in a variety of conditions and see what we are capable of.

    Obviously to monitor how we feel too though, and stop if needs be. Sounds like you did really well :-)

  • Thanks all! Wow SE France must be so hot! I will definitely hydrate more next time and try to find a shaded place.

    I'm glad other people have found similar, really didn't expect it to be so rubbish should have just lay in the sun and enjoyed it! Loubee intervals sound like they would be hard in the sun to keep going after each one well done on keeping going! :-)

    I_will that's a good point! I'm planning to sign up for a 10k so maybe it's good to get experience of this!

    Thanks again all! Now lying icing me knee and hoping I've not done it any damage!

  • I waited til 8.30 pm but it was still too darned hot.

  • I tried it myself last week. Mad dogs and English men eh?! It was horrendous so I have been going out at 5.30am to miss the heat and it is beautiful at that time of day :D

  • I have started to run at 5:30am too, it is a wonderful time isn't it? Mind you this morning it was warm even that early. I was escorted by a buzzard for a little while down a lane which would never happen later in the day :)

  • I've been doing my runs on the treadmill in the air-conditioned gym for the last three weeks or so. Much better in this weather, but I'm worried that when I do go outside again I won't be able to do it.

  • SunnyAnnie that's a good idea actually it's so hard being hot and trying to exercise! I'm sure you'll be fine when you try outdoors again, I find I'm more distracted by what's going on around me when outside which makes the run a bit easier than being indoors with the same view the whole time.

    Wow 5.30am! Don't think I could stomach that! Might have to be more like the 8.30pm for me!

    Thanks all! :-)

  • Just as its getting dark is working for me. I wear bright colours and stick to a well lit route by a road (no park or back streets). I also told my hubby where I was going and when I expected to be back. He looked a bit blank - don' t think he really understood why.

    Plan for tomorrow (Saturday) is to go out in the morning while it is still coolish, and run in the shade along the river !

  • I've been wimping out competely I'm afraid to admit!

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