Week 5 Day 3

Whoo hooo I did it.! When 1st born told me the run was for 20 mins with no walking breaks I almost fell over! How was it? I asked, good she said, break it down into 5 minutes runs and you will get through it. So that's what I did. First 5 mins was fairly easy as was the 2nd; 3rd & last 5 min runs were harder as I was running into the wind which was blinking icy cold and the run home is on a gradual incline. My coach's encouragement & Peter Gabriel singing in my earphones got me to the end & I was surprised how quickly the last 2 minutes went. If I were asked to give a tip about using the program it would be not to procrastinate, just get out there and do it! You will feel fantastic....I do. Have a great day everyone & keep running xx

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  • Wow what a fab and positive w5r3 post. You totally aced it!

    You're over half way through now and that run is a biggie. Well done! โ˜บ

  • oh and I was really pleased when teaching a student how to use a peripheral oxygen saturation machine, I found my pulse rate was the slowest it has ever been, 59 (usually bangs along at around 90) and my peak flow has increased to 410! I didn't think to check it before but of course, as I become fitter all my vital signs improve :D :D

  • You aced it as usual! As McFitty says, more than half way through the programme now. Week six feels a bit strange, going back to shorter runs for 2 of the 3, but it's a bit of a relief and seems to work, no doubt giving your body time to recover from that long run before the next one in a week's time. When are you and first born going to get back in sync with the programme? ๐Ÿƒโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿƒโ€โ™€๏ธ x

  • I was talking about that this morning so I think I will run with her tomorrow - at some time I have to have catch up :)

  • Well done, week5run3 is one of the tough ones, but mainly it's about mind over matter, and you nailed it. Now you know you can run you will be fine with the next few weeks. Brilliant.

    I shouldn't worry about trying to catch up with first born. It will even out eventually. My friends daughter used to just run forward and then back to keep her own running speed but to keep her mum company.

    Good luck for week 6. The intervals will seem easy, but give you time to recover and then move on.

  • my OH usually walks with me & I run back & forth to him. It really is mind over matter & when Michael Johnson said that in the program, it made sense. xx

  • Well done Dhiny๐Ÿ˜Š.. you smashed that 20 min run. Its a turning point...when you realise that maybe 30 mins isn't impossible after all....

    Great stuff.๐Ÿ˜Š

  • That is exactly what I thought. ..a big psychological hurdle overcome ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Well done, Dhiny! That's brilliant.

    I've just done W5, R2 but have a sore ankle...desperate to try 20 minutes (yes, I know, I'm strange, lol) but also trying to be sensible.

    Hopefully I'll get there soon.

    On to Week 6 for you now!

  • Careful with that sore ankle...I know the temptation to go faster & / or longer but keep it steady & slow if you have to. Keep up the good work, you will soon get there xx

  • Thanks Shiny. I am resting for a few days as my ankle is really sore. I think I will have this problem a lot, until I can build the muscles up sufficiently. I look forward to hearing all about your journey, though

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