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5K Balmoral race on Saturday and I'm only on W9 Run2 tomorrow. Yikes!

My incentive for getting fit was a 5K race this Saturday. Seemed like a good idea 2 and a half months ago but I've run 30mins once and only cover 3 and a bit K. So at this pace it will take me 45mins. I have never run before this year and have never even been to a race. My plan is to start at the back slowly and run my week 9 podcast with Laura - then keep on moving. Last year's results show a lot of fast runners and very few after 40 mins.

Getting nervous now but I will make it to the end.

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Well done you for entering into a 5k I am too scared of failure to even commit to anything. I know you can do it even if you have to walk a little bit you will get there. Best of luck with that and your graduation run


Good luck! I'm doing it too. I haven't been able to train as much as I'd have liked because of some hip problems but hoping to do it in around 35 minutes. I think a few people will be walking most of it so you certainly won't be last.

Maybe see you there. Enjoy!


Have a good race, Bothylass (and rosn123)! I'm sure the excitement and general good atmosphere of the race will carry you along.

I'm running the Tartan 10K at Balmoral. I'm looking forward to it, but wish they would stop sending me emails; it's making me more nervous! ;-) Let's hope the weather is 'nae bad'. Pity Lizzie isn't there to invite us in for a cuppa! ;-)


Hello, well done for signing up for the race. Don't worry, I think I was somewhere around week 8 when I did my first 5K, I decided to do my 28 minute run and then either walk for 3 minutes and try to run again (at least across the finish line). The reality of the Twilight run (did I mention it was in the dark, around windsor race course on a chilly October night?), was that a) I ran a lot faster than usual, despite trying to keep my pace really slow at the start in the hope I could run it all, b) when there are other runners around, it bouys you up, you can run for longer too

I was hoping to do the 5K in around 35-40 minutes, I came in a few seconds under 30 (which felt wonderful, especially the sprint at the end, which I didn't know I had in me), but it was about 2 months before I managed another sub 30 minutes 5K. I'm not convinced it was a full 5K though, so it could have been a 'cheat'.

Don't worry about everyone else's speeds, some will likely walk the end, but if you are last, just think, 9 weeks ago you were lolling about on your couch, now YOU ARE A RUNNER!

good luck!



Thanks so much for the encouragement. I've been feeling that a 5K was a bit of a mad idea and really for experienced runners not a slow jogger like me! In week one I was so out of breath and thought my hips were going to explode. Now I'm on W9R2 today. Ha!


Just to say - good luck, and enjoy it! That will be a very special way to graduate! You're running about the same speed as I do, and I did a 5k parkrun just after I graduated - it was pretty hard work, but it was do-able. I was last, but that was fine, and I didn't regret doing it at all (well, maybe just before the start I was regretting it, but once I got going it was ok!)

Have fun!


I'll be wearing number 2166 so if you see me say hello. Though not while I'm running - won't have enough breath to speak and run at the same time :-)


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