Thinking of getting a beanie (and other musings)!

Now I really am not a hat person and have my doubts whether it would be comfy running in one, but was seriously thinking about it this morning as I embarked on wk 4 run 2 of my 10k app. My ears were ffffreezing!!

Does anyone else wear a hat to run in when it's cold or would it just get hot, sweaty and itchy as you warm up?

Cold ears aside, I had a lovely run this morning, even though it was hard work. I know my fitness isn't back to where it was post injury in October yet. Back then, I got to the glorious point of finding an easy pace that felt about as comfortable as a brisk walk! I long to get back to that point, but in the meantime, I'll keep plugging away getting my fitness back.


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  • Try getting a Buff..... it's a long tube of quite fine fabric, which can be worn in all sorts of ways, a sort of multifunction scarf. I mainly wear mine as a headband/headscarf to cover my ears and keep the wind out, but it quite often gets shoved up into a hair-band when I get too hot. It can be converted into a hat for when it gets really cold and even a balaclava, mask, scarf or wristband - I love my Buff :)

  • We posted at the same time and I was also suggesting a Buff. I love mine too! Gayle

  • I wore a hat last winter and after tonight's run when I had cold ears I am going to have to look it out....or shopping trip for headband as its my ears that feel the cold!

  • Have you heard of a Buff? I received one for Christmas and love it! its lightweight fabric that wicks moisture and can be positioned so many ways on the face/neck/head. I like it because if I start to over-heat, I can easily pull it down, off my head onto my neck or take it off as I'm running, double it, and place it on my arm for safe keeping til I'm home. When its really, super cold, I wear the Buff and a set of the ear muffs that fit back behind the head. Sounds like you had a great run! :-) Gayle

  • Oooh yes a Buff, I never thought of that!! I think I actually have one somewhere at the back of my wardrobe. I bought it a couple of summers back to wear in the sun. Never thought of using it for the cold! Thanks Duckfeet and Gayle, I'll dig it out and see how I get on. Sarah x.

  • +1 for the buff.

  • I never, ever wear a hat (even in the rain) but if it's cold I just gotta have gloves. Legs are impervious to cold but I need to have warm hands!

  • Well the verdict is.... the buff was awsome!! Went for a chilly run yesterday afternoon and wore it over my ears as suggested. Felt wonderfully comfy and warm without my head overheating. So good infact that it stayed on the whole run!

    A resounding success, so thank you all for this suggestion. I am officially a Buff convert and won't be leaving the house without it again!

    Sarah x

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