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Week 4 completed

Just finished week 4 (in my swanky new running clothes all heavily reduced but I definitely feel the part now)

Can't believe that on Thursday il be starting week 5, and even though I say this every week, the thought of week 5 rally does fill me with dread, not sure how I can run for that long, but I'm nothing if not stubborn so, i trust laura won't fail me, she hadn't yet :-)

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Congratulations for both completing week 4 and your purchase of new swanky running kit at heavily reduced prices! Both fantastic achievements :-)

Do not dread week 5! It seems daunting but it is very achievable! After all I managed it! ;-) haha. Just take it at a nice and steady slow pace and you will be fine. At this point remember we are on a journey and not in a race! You CAN do this xx


Of course she hasn't! She won't!!!

Great news on the gear front. Nowt like a bit of flash stuff to make you zip along

Week 5 is a piece of cake. I am reading my notes and that's what it says, and I drew a smiley face. More than half way through now so get out there and nail it


The clothes will make all the difference, especially if they have go faster stripes. I hope you've chosen a colour that doesn't clash with your complexion at the end of the runs. Mine doesn't clash, it matches - red on red is not a good look. Think of Second Lieutenant Spoonierunning's coffee cake as you go - it helps.


I am definitely of the mindset that this is a journey not a race because if it was a race I would not be winning( saying that it looks like I'll be taking part in a 5k after summer)

I picked black and purple because they complement my red sweaty look well ;-)

I find it slightly insane that I'm still going, a friend commented the other day " go have your run, your happier who you get back" and that made me smile because it's true, however much I drag my feet getting ready to go out but I am usually beaming when I finish.


Well done. You sound like me, I was always apprehensive before starting every new week! But you know what? I managed it anyway as I'm sure you will too. Good luck :)?


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