Week 4 completed

As I'm on holiday next week and unsure if I'll be able to run I wanted to complete week 4. it started off fine but then my phone cut out..I restarted it and was surprised to hear that 60 seconds was up..so I realised I'd restarted the week 1 podcast by mistake. I got sorted carried on and my phone cut out again and did this about five times. It was so frustrating and I ended up carrying my phone as it seemed to be the headphone socket that was faulty. Anyway feeling quite frustrated as my runs were stop, start I did manage to complete it.

I find my breathing is getting easier with breaths every four paces or so as opposed to two a couple of weeks ago. I think my fitness has definitely improved and although a 20 minute run looks impossible right now..I'm determined to carry on.

However, I am wondering if I can't run next week if I should still launch into week 5 afterwards or repeat a couple of week 4 runs...

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  • Well done I can't answer as only just did w4 r2 today , got through it and was a little easier that r1 ..... Laura does say "if you've completed other runs recently" so maybe you could progress to week 5 and see how you go 😜

  • Yep, I think i will and if i can't then I'll have another go at a week 4 run. It's a great feeling completing a run isn't it :)

  • Hi debze,

    That's a shame about your phone cutting out, but glad you managed to get it sorted so you could finish the week off.

    As for attempting to start week 5...well, that's a tough one isn't it? Personally, I want to keep to the plan if I can manage it, so I don't want to do any repeating unless I really have to due to failing to complete a run (which I haven't done so far), but as you know, my big test is my next run...the dreaded W5R3, 20 minute non-stop! Help!! lol

    Good luck with it, if you do decide to attempt week 5 while on your holiday. :)

  • I haven't failed any runs as yet, so I might have a go..it's the stamina to keep running that I'm worried about but so many people have completed the plan it keeps me inspired. Good luck with your next run! :) I'll be watching out for your post to see how it goes

  • Same here debze! It's not the breathing I'm worried about or where I will be running or getting stitch or sweating too much or anything like that, it's simply down to having enough stamina to be able to continue a run for around 3 times longer than I've gone before! (without stopping for a short walk in between).

    Oh well, I've decided to take 2 rest days in between my runs now, so hopefully that will give my body a bit more time to heal and help me complete longer runs.

    Keep on running! :)

  • It feels so good when you get your breathing in a steady rhythm. It does finally click with your steps. Enjoy your holiday and let your muscles repair. When you come back continue on to the next week. I was ill for a week with no running for 10 days and was surprised that I went out and carried on from where I left it.

  • thanks Hdoyle! I think I will at least attempt it and if I have to repeat a run I will :)

  • Sorry to hear you were unwell and not able to run, but I was so pleased when you said you were able to carry on where you left off, both for you but also for me as I've been cold-ridden with no running for 8 days now - I've just got to the continuous running stage (W7R1) so am mighty p****d off with these germs! Thought of going out today for a gentle jog in preparation for getting back to the plan and to keep the running bug alive but it's throwing down with rain :-(. So many thanks for your post :-)

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