Wow that was close

Rolled out of bed, got into running gear and headed off to the treadmill. As this is week 2 of bridge 2 10k and I am still recovering from an ankle injury I decided I would try the podcast on a treadmill where I could control my speed.

Set off on the 5 min walk - all well. Not too sure about the music choices but then again I wasn't that keen on the ones Laura chose. This week it is 3 x 15 minute runs with a minute walk in between. So off I set - it's only 5 mins more than last weeks 4 x 10 mins - I've got this. Set treadmill incline to 2 (more on this later), speed to 6.8mph and run. First 5mins I was all over the place still a bit of labrynthitis. Just got into my rhythm going nicely. The end of the first run came with some grmelins. I was feeling good should I really stop? I heard MW in the background your Sami's man now. So I walked the minute and started off again.

Maybe I'm going too fast so I dropped it to 6.6mph. Found it harder to get back into my stride so upped it again to 6.8. Gremlins catching up. Killed them with I've done 30 mins running, I've done 4x10 I can do this.

Felt pretty tired after the second 15. Really was going too fast (although most of my treadmill running was done at 7mph for C25K). Dropped the incline to 1 took an extra minute walk and started again at 6mph. Gremlins were really at me now. Slayed them with I can do 35 mins because I've done 40 last week. 5 minutes passed, then I was down to the minute by minute chalking them off. Finally Sami announced I was done but I kept going for an extra minute at 7mph just to show there's always something left. Thank you Laura.

Gladly dropped down to a walk and tried to recover. After the podcast I added 3 mins where I walk at 2.5mph and shuffle at 1.5mph for 90 secs each then added another minute as my hear rate was still high. Looked at the miles completed SIX on the dot in 65 mins

Wow nearly 10k. I was half tempted to start it up again and do the extra 0.2.

I find running on a treadmill a lot easier than outdoors (especially with the Surrey Hills and woods, tree roots etc) but it is easier. That is why I set the incline at 2 to make it tougher but it doesn't compensate for hills. I know it is not a realistic 10k race pace for this newbie runner but I feel fantastic that I ran/walked 6 miles in 1 hour 5 mins. There is no way I would have got there without you lovely people and Laura, Sami and C25k in general. I can't believe I only started C25k mid-april and have achieved this. Onwards and upwards.

Hope you all have great runs today!


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9 Replies

  • I hope you can soon get back out onto terra firma as running any distance on a treadmill must seem interminable. Once you do get outside the time will just fly by!

    You're doing brilliant GF. If you do tire then there is nothing wrong with slowing down. Going slower, and allowing yourself to catch your breath, will enable you to finish the run in one piece.

  • Thanks MW. Run before was outdoors - didn't seem like it went well but had PBs for 3miles and 5k. Just a bit nervous with the ankle and not wanting to go over it again although the trail shoes help

  • Yeah, you have to take care!

    I ran today, outside in the red hot sun. I don't normally but I thought I'd best get out there while I had the chance. Warmed up with an exercise DVD so thought I might as well run straight after that. Boy was it hot! I bet you were all air conditioned for your treadmill run. I suppose gyms can have their advantages

  • Not really it's my man cabin at the bottom of the garden. It was cool but gets really hot. A/C, now I know what I want for xmas

  • I have a shed but it's got no exercise tackle in it. It has got a cooker though! A girl has to be able to make a brew

  • He he mine has a fridge ;-)

  • Oh I see! I get the picture! Man must have cold beer and all that. I don't have power to any of my sheds or greenhouse as my old man is an electrical engineer! He just installs it for other people. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Yes I am spoilt. I have my treadmill, multi gym, rower, fridge, tv, surround sound, pc and internet access. My 3 children also use it though grrr ;-)

  • You live in it don't you! LOL

    I think I would!

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