Not sure I enjoyed that! W5r3

Another dark run for me this evening - the dreaded W5r3. Off I went at 9.20, glowing armbands, flashing shoelaces, determined to do my best.

The first five minutes were fine, and although the second five were harder it felt ok. I was trying to go gently to make sure I had enough to get through the whole thing, but the incline at 12/13 mins defeated me and I found myself walking. Only for a minute or so until I was back on the level, then as I started running again, Laura helpfully told me I had just five minutes to go. :)

I decided to add an extra couple of minutes on at the end to ensure I'd run the total twenty minutes, even if not without stopping, and somehow had enough energy then to really push myself! Yes the last bit was going back down the incline, but it's a bit frustrating that I can be struggling so much at one point and then have reserves left over!

The running torch isn't waiting until Christmas though - I'll be ordering it tomorrow! :D


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13 Replies

  • It's not easy going out in the dark. Well done and you definitely need a torch before Christmas 🎄 😀

  • I remembered my sister had sent me a gift voucher for a 'major online retailer' for my birthday recently. Half of it is now spent, and the torch will arrive on Monday :) That's perfect, as I can do a daylight run at the weekend, and my next dark one will be Tuesday night :D

  • I too look forward to daylight running at the weekend and have no choice about the dark on work days. Mind you I confess I have found running in the dark, with torch of course!, quite a liberating experience. It's feels like I'm in a little world all of my own. I rarely see a soul, just the occasional torch wielding dog walker and most houses are still in darkness when I set off.

  • Well done! You did good! Being a newbie these things happen, don't be dissapointed, your doing really well, keep slow & steady in the early part of the run...😊

  • Part of the problem is I was trying to keep slow and steady! Clearly even after four years I'm no good at pacing myself! :D

    I'm feeling better about it this morning - but I'm not quite sure what to do next. Probably week 5 *again* (I swear I've done this week twice as often as any other week in the whole plan!), to give my knee a chance to catch up, and to build confidence before moving on. If the knee isn't sore today, I could probably move on, but am being very cautious as I don't want to have to stop yet again!

  • You did well RainbowC😊...hills are not your friend at this point in the plan. You were doing brilliantly til that hill sapped your energy...

    You may want to have another go at this run.. can you find somewhere flat to do it.. just for the satisfaction of doing the 20 mins non-stop.😊

    Its great that you are getting out in the dark to do this and a torch will be useful.

    I didn't tackle any hills till after graduating..felt like I was working hard enough just completing the runs.

    Good luck and you will smash it.

  • Sadly flat isn't really an option where I live! The incline that got to me is relatively steep, but only about 20 meters long - then there's a much more gradual bit for about maybe 50 metres before it levels off properly, so really shouldn't be a big problem at all.

    Going further out of the village either way involves actual hills and little roads with no streetlights, so they don't happen after dark!

  • Hi RainbowC , I didn't notice that you were redoing the plan, having already graduated before and in fact have run 10k... sorry😆

    Sounds like the hills and a busy life are the only things holding you back. As you have graduated there is nothing wrong with doing a run/walk combination if you need to (steep hill) as you are not training yourself from scratch so to speak. So maybe just carry on with week 6 or if you fancied a change maybe have a look at the Sammy Murphy podcasts that are available to download on here if you like idea of walk breaks.

    Happy running😊

  • Well done on your run. It sounds like you're doing fine. Where would the sense of achievement be if it were easy? Assuming you have to tackle your hill again, next time take really small steps - go up onto your toes if you need and really swing your arms, forwards and back, this will drive your legs. Don'the worry at all about your speed (really small steps will make it slow - I regularly had walkers overtaking me when I first started running hills!). You can do it and you will be fine. Good luck with your next run. :)

  • Well done getting out there😊 Hills are my killer too & often they dont look too bad until you go to run up them!!! Trust me a wee incline is a hill to me!!! I really try to stick to flat routes just to keep me motivated 😊Ive just graduated on wed so set myself new goals 1. get to 5k 3 times a week & last but not least when i can run 5k a psrkrun! Good luck with running & keep 🏃🏃🏃trust bith the program & beleive in yourself😊X

  • Anything that isn't flat and goes upwards is a hill to me too! I swear the roads rise up to meet me, literally and not in a good way :)

  • You have done so well ! The dark does not help and a hill, just into your run.. well they are, quite literally a pain.

    I like you seem to be surrounded by uphill bits of lane or field or road... Cannot believe how many 'inclines' there are!

    I love it when I can use a downhill to increase my distance or time :)

    As Jan-now-runs suggests, maybe try it again, if you want to... no flat area as you say, but take it slower maybe?

    You have done it just as davelinks and all of us echo.. slow and steady x

  • Well done you done it ! you kept going that's the main thing with inclines it is going to take more out of you but you know you can do it

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