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Just finished run 2 of week 7 and calculated the distance I had ran in 25mins and have only done just a fraction more than 3k!!!!!! At this rate it will take me about 40 mins to run 5k .......is this what happens to most people as I thought the goal was to be able to run 5k in 30 minutes in 9 weeks .....this aint gonna happen to me ha ha

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Y'know what? A 40 minute 5k isn't half bad. I keep seeing a quote pop up of FB and G+ along the lines of "It doesn't matter if it's a 6 minute mile or a 16 minute mile, it's still a mile!" Don't fixate on pace, aim for 30 minutes (that'll be week 9 done and you graduated), then aim for 5k, THEN start to think about pace.

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claretosh in reply to andystev

Thanks andystev made me feel a lot better - never ran in my life so well chuffed I've managed to do the programme with no repeat runs :)

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The idea of this program is to be able to run for 30 mins, the distance is not important. If you continue to run after you graduate the idea is you will slowly improve on speed but many well established graduates still can't/don't run 5K in 30 mins. I am on week 9 now and run so slowly I suspect I might just walk faster than I run but so what, I am running and I love it ;)

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It takes me a good 40 minutes to cover 5k, sometimes more if it's hot and I have a couple of walking breaks! I'm a few weeks post graduation as well. The programme does put a little too much emphasis on the 5 k part.....you can run for 30 minutes - did you ever think it possible as I know I didn't a few months ago! You're doing fab.

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I agree with everyone above ^^^ don't worry about distance or speed. You can work on that, if you choose to once you graduate. You are doing great. I found my times improved after graduation and for me it does help if I am working to a goal, but it is just that, a goal and everyone is different. Just enjoy what you are doing that is the important thing x :-)

Week 8, Run 2 this evening. I have been running early before work but with the longer runs it meant getting up earlier so decided on lie ins and run later. What has surprised me is it is easier than I thought I would find it.

I usually do a run that is half the time out e.g. 5 min warm-up walk, half the time is a run out then turn around and run back for the other half then the 5 min warm down walk gets back home. The first run of week 8 I did I decided to do a full circular route run and I did 3 miles in 28 mins, the route took me along a local lane, along the main road and back home...when you think that 8 weeks ago I was on Run 1 of Week 1 I am very pleased with that :)

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Forget the distance - concentrate on 30 minutes and graduate. You can look at speed - maybe- later.

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I had trouble getting the Laura version, so I have a different one and it finishes after you have run for 30 minutes. The next run after that says now for the next several runs, try to get to 5k, no matter how long it takes. So, just like everyone else has said, don't worry about distance for now. Just feel proud that you are out there moving.

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When running , never look ahead of you -- always look behind you to the point where you have come from !! :) In your case, after 7 weeks of C25k, you can now see wAAAY back to a point 3klms behind you -- you ran ALL THAT WAY :)

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hope2runonedayGraduate in reply to Bazza1234

Wise words. Thank you

Yup! This is what happens to most of us. I didn't measure distance until Week 9 and was at first bitterly disappointed I was only covering 3.9km. Then I reminded myself how it felt to run for sixty seconds in Week 1and decided "only" 3.9km non-stop was pretty damn good. Last week I ran 5k for the first time and it "only" took me 45mins! :)

I think the programme should be called C23k which I think is probably more realistic - but as you say its a great achievement to be able to run for 30 mins - that will be me the week after next ...HOPEFULLY

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Running for 30 mins, hey that's great and that's what you achieve after those 9 fun filled weeks!

Then keep at it and you'll reach 5k in time - took me 3 weeks post grad - did it in just over 36 mins :-)

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