naked running -good or bad?

I had a great run this morning 6k in lovely hot sunshine...really appreciated the fantastic scenery I ran through. I left my music player at home and felt I ran much better. Admittedly I still had my watch on and my comfy trainers, but perhaps one step at a time. I think my misic player has a stabilising effect on my running and today I took my stabilsers off. I don't know I think its good sometimes. What do you think?


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  • I run 'naked' every so often, in fact today was a naked run. It's good to be unplugged sometimes and just listen to the world around you, also I know some events don't allow you to listen to music so it's good practice if you want to run any events.

  • It's down to you really. So much of this running malarkey is down to mental strength that if you helps you one way or the other, then do it. I started to run naked to make sure I could hear the traffic as it approached me on country roads and today I rarely take my 'phones unless there's something I want to listen to.

  • I agree sometimes it's just nice to hear the birds singing over your own breathing. That's my only problem I get fixated on how I should be breathing but if the scenery is there and it's sunny it's less of a problem

  • Personally, despite an addiction to music, I love running unplugged. It just seems a time to get away from everything for me. Completely everything.

    I feel so free and unhindered when I run, like it's just me and everything else melts away for a little while .... even music! There's a freedom in it, because I'm dependant on nothing but myself :-)

  • I have never had thehabit of listening to music. Not by speakers in the room or headphones for myself only. (My spouse and kids used to on long car trips, but sometimes i would have to declare quiet time.).

    everyone I know does and fancies themselves a fan or even somewhat of an expert of one or more genres. My kids and their generation seem to be disfunctional without their own personal soundtrack ever in the background. They need the lift of music for exercise or houswork or driving, the commiseration of breakup songs, an appropriately head banging screechfest after a bad day at work.

    I am using the podcast with music rather than the app without as so many find the app unreliable. I wear only one earbud though. I considered just using cues on my tracking app, but she seemed not as friendly as Laura.

  • I'm seeing more and more runners out and about without headphones unless they are very well hidden. I know when I'm in among traffic and have to cross junctions etc I take mine out (only wear one anyway) I go without some days when I do a forest run, its nice to hear the birds singing. The beauty of running is you can do it your way, it is after all your runs. :) Enjoy :)

  • I always run naked.........oe'er missus :) I feel music distracts me and gets on my nerves. I've thought about listening to an audio book but at the moment I'm quite happy without listening to anything except my breathing and the world around me ;)

  • You're a brave bunch... :)

    Not yet for the Aussie but tempted... "after my race" as I still need my stabilisers (although they'll make me take one earphone out I'm sure - fair enough too!)... :)

  • Stopped running with music as soon as I graduated. Found it too much of a distraction and it was holding me back as I kept stopping early thinking I couldn't run for another two tunes or whatever!

    Not knowing how far or for how long I've run is much easier for me.

  • I'm running without music now

  • Always ran naked and did the program with a stopwatch.

    Recently got hold of an MP3 and tried one of the podcast.

    Found the music distracting, forgot to concentrate on my breathing and consequently struggled with the run.... So no more music for me!!

  • I'm going to be doing that this week, my phone gave up the ghost and I'm waiting for the replacement. Not going to let that put me off continuing the programme, will have to find some other way of knowing how long to run for, or count paces or guess. So far I've enjoyed the music in the podcasts, but when I've graduated I doubt I'll listen to anything.

  • I only ever have one earphone in.

    The need to listen in was one of the things that made me feel a bit resistant to trying C25K (but there is no doubt in my mind that it was the right way for me to do it - all I had to do was just listen rather than mess with a watch etc). I now do a variety of things - spoken word podcasts, specific run stuff like Audiofuel, music and nothing. I tend to keep the earphone in solely so I can hear the Runkeeper woman tell me the time/distance (so I don't think about it and just run)... although I can hear enough if my phone is in the dog treat bag.

  • I find it best to use on earphone and leave the other one off so I can make sure I hear bikes or other runners etc when they're approaching me. I do find music helps me not think about the time but I really like hearing the wind in the trees and the birdies singing!

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