Running naked

I read so many posts regarding play lists, what's the best headphones, motivational tunes etc, it all sends shivers down my spine as I can't think of anything worse than music firing down my lug holes as I'm shuffling along.

I like to hear the sound of my feet slapping along the trail and the sound of my breath wheezing into my lungs, the occasional bird song etc and myriad other sounds that assail my senses as I trot,shuffle and wheeze my way along


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15 Replies

  • I think anyone who has never run without music is missing a lot, but I also thoroughly enjoy running to my favourite music........not BPM running playlists........just my favourite music.

    Each to his own.

  • exactly, each to there own

  • I completely agree. I don't understand the running with headphones thing at all (it also caused me to bail out on using Laura, just used the timings)

  • yep I just used a stop watch

  • Blimey Rolysmate you had me worried with the post title there mate.... Was starting to panic in case it was part of the programme 😂

  • I tried it naked and truthfully my head is much better occupied listening to music or podcasts or anything... but never say never. I used to run naked in the City 3 or so years back, but that was really self preservation to make sure I didn't get run over...

    Having said that running by a lake or the sea, I'd do that naked for sure.

  • To each their own indeed, I can't stand being alone with my thoughts! It is somewhat inspiring to read of your appreciation of nature and the wonders of running itself though ... 🏞🐦 You have mindfulness down pat ... where's a buddha icon when you need it ...

  • I'm with you there, I like being aware of my surroundings :)

  • We all do our own thing, many a different thing, but running is what brings us together, and that's the point. Music or not, who cares. I personally can't run without my own stuff in the headphones but l never run along with the beat, l only have it as part of an overall vibe. I did my tempo run listening to John Coltrane, lol, and a 10K one when studying what Johnny Cash had to say. For as long as those feet are taking you the distance, all's good ;)

  • I do both... but when I have music I can still hear what is happening out there... I have the volume so low...:)

    Horses for courses... great that we are all so, so different :)

  • If I were to run naked there would be a hideous about of wobbling, rippling, flapping and bouncing. Doesn't bare thinking about 🤢😖😂

  • I do both. To start with, I had to run with Laura in my ears and I couldn't bear the thought of hearing my breathing and my feet thumping along the ground.

    Then I did a Runstreak :D where you run every day (a minimum of a mile, but sometimes more) and as I faff an awful lot before I set out, the extra faffage of getting headphones and music sorted for a 10-minute run was just too much, so I started to run naked.

    Now I have started to increase my distance, I get bored with my own company at times. Also, I need inspiration or sometimes I like to run to a specific pace or beat to push things on a little (or to try and keep up) and this is where music comes in handy, especially the C25K+ podcasts again.

    I have recently been converted to Aftershokz wireless headphones so you can still hear what's going on around you. I think it's important to be able to hear traffic, but I also know what you mean about enjoying your surroundings.

  • I tried my first naked run on Saturday, and I had a running buddy with me, so we chatted. It was nice, and I will definitely be doing it again. However, today I am trying my first run without Laura (I've been using the week 9 podcast) and I'm really excited to have downloaded my favourite upbeat music onto my phone to listen to!

  • I listen to audio dramas/books, only using one ear bud, some of the time, and run naked the rest. It used to be 2/3 drama to 1/3 naked, but now it is the reverse.

  • I use headphones when I run in the gym. Sometimes I wear them outside, but I mainly don't wear headphones outside and if I do, I only wear one earphone so that I can hear traffic etc. in my other ear.

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