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Running With Music - Naked Running

Hey All,

I used to run with music because i reckoned it took my mind off any pain or aches when running, but i havent done recently and havent noticed any difference in my times and so on

Do you think it makes a difference to your speed or ability if you are listening to music?

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I like audio books and these are fine on long slow, steady runs. If I work on speed, music is definitely better for me.

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Thanks helenwheels - I am focusing on speed at the moment for a competition so anything that improves that is welcome!

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Interval training?

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Cross country :)

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Sorry. I meant have you tried intervals to improve speed?

The bpm of your music can definitely affect your pace, but if, like me, you listen to your favourite music, from all genres and bpm, then you either do what the music dictates or learn to ignore it. A nice bit of laid back reggae is great for a long slow run.

I think it is good to run with nothing in your ears at times, simply to help appreciate your surroundings.

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I totally agree on the bpm part - I used Amazon Music and they have some playlists specifically for running. I did find though after listening to music for a while you can ignore it easier

Very true!

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Love a good bit of laid back reggae.

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We all have different ideas about this.. I have my favourite tracks which help with particular runs..pace or distance... but I love running naked.. even in Winter :)

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Ok, thanks Oldfloss yep - i would run naked all year round! :)

Never tried running with music. I want to be connected to my surroundings, and I think the beat would put me off as well.

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Ok - I like to be connected too, but at the same time i also think a distraction helps too sometimes - which is why i originally ran with music...Each to their own!

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I dont think my way is any better really, just what I like, and I havent tried running wirh music, so who knows...😊

Have a lovely Christmas x

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Have only ever run naked, the thought of noise being pumped straight down my ears horrifies me

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If your looking to match a BPM to a specific pace, try They have a pace calculator which will tell you the bpm of music for a m/km ...

They will then give a list of tracks that match the bpm recommended.

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Thanks swisstony4 looks good - i'll have to give it a try!

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I think it can make you bounce too much and lose time that way

especially to footloose 😃

I do both although I think Santa is bringing me some new Bluetooth headphones so I think it will be 🎶 for a while!

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Haha nice! Have a good Christmas!

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Thank you and you too 👍

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Hmmmm, if it helped with speed wouldn't Mo and all the other distance runners be wearing headphones? Though, they may during practice runs.

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Good question... I suppose at that level they could be restricted to some degree though because of risk of using them to cheat - i.e. use them to send messages and because it could prove an unfair advantage?

I dont really know - just guessing! Merry Christmas too

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I always enjoy running with music and generally prefer to - but when for one reason or another I don't, I am surprised by how much I enjoy the peace too. I think it can influence pace and so running "naked" is probably a good idea if you are trying to think carefully about pace (but then so is adapting your bpm, so each to their own I think). Not the most helpful of answers, I admit!

I don't plan my playlists with particular care but do try to put something that will lift me up or make me smile at those points in the run when I'm likely to be flagging or feeling least motivated and that is definitely helpful to me.

I love the idea of audio books though, or comedy, for longer runs.

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