Up to 8k!

I am so pleased! Been floundering a bit after graduating and struggling to go further but seem to have broken through a barrier and managed to run 8k twice this week :-)

I wonder if my 3rd run this week should also be 8k or should I stick to 5k and try to 'up' my pace? I have a tendency to want to push myself too hard!

Can't believe how often and how far I'm running I've always resisted starting running and saying I'd hate it but I love it so much am completely addicted!

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  • Excellent achievement and well done on reaching 8K. I believe the recommended increase should be 10% a week but I'm sure the more experienced members will be along to advise :)

  • If I was you i would just do the 5k . That way you are not risking injury . Congratulations on your 8ks too , a great achievement .

  • Brilliant!! Really well done for breaking down that mental barrier.

    It's probably better to go back a step and allow your body to adjust to this new distance. Even 6k would be fine I should think, but don't overdo the longer runs. I know it's tempting to keep pushing and very easy to get a little over-enthusiastic but believe me, the likelihood is you *will* injure yourself. Just take it steadily - you have plenty of time to increase your time and/or your pace - if you stay healthy!

    Maybe do a slow run every now and then, or run/walk intervals and some speed work to help with upping the pace. It will come as you get stronger.

  • Thanks everyone! Took the great advice here and did 5k! Sometimes I just need told when to reign it in a bit! Love the fantastic support on here! Motivates me without making me push myself more than I should :-)

    I was wondering if people stick to 3 runs a week when distance is more? Does seem a lot but maybe body adapts?

    Thanks again all!

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