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I need new running clothes but I don't want to waste money on unnecessaries. My shop time is limited to about 5 minutes (thanks to 2 small children!)

I have been in several sports shops and ran out, confused by brands etc. Do I need a long or short sleeve top? A jacket? What is the difference between the branded leggings apart from a huge price tag?!

I've already invested in a good sports bra and trainers but keep getting flustered when asking for help with the rest of my outfit!

Could someone please supply me with a shopping list?? Thank you!

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You have the most important things. I would say add to that some cropped leggings and a running top and you are ready to go. See how you go and maybe think about some decent socks. Decathlon are great for running kit and also try online. Most of my shopping is done online and is often a lot cheaper. Good luck!


Ummm cropped leggins, technical tshirt and technical racer back top. If you are not fussed about brands asda do great sports stuff all proper technical fabric (and at great prices) - that's the stuff that wicks moisture away and helps to keep you dry.

decathlon is also fab as is the internet.


^ THIS so much! getting the moisture "wick'd" away makes all the difference and keeps you fresh and on the go.

I've got leggings from H+M - but they are actually yoga leggings and they are nice and cool.

But I recently bought some Karrimor Shorts (I think they are men's shorts) from Sports Direct - £7 "footy - type" shorts, lovely and roomy and no risk of bum-flash.

You'll be able to get a nice tee plus shorts/leggings for less than £25 at Sports Direct if you go there (or Decathalon).


Didn't know about asda; thanks for the tip! H&M have some mid-price sports wear, some of it in fab prints.


A dri fit top for sure- the material that keeps you dry. I used cotton tshirts for a while and these are now banned from runs! I have long running pants, and i don't get too hot.

Most of my stuff is Karrimor, as in Sports Direct it is cheap!


HI Frenah - like spoonierunning I got some cropped leggings and tops from Asda and the other stuff is Karrimor from Sports Direct. I haven't spent a lot overall other than on my shoes. I prefer short sleeve tops but that's just me - think that is down to personal preference. Happy running


Aldi is ace for running stuff! You might have to rummage but it's worth it

You will need a lightweight, water resistant reflective running jacket. These are cheap as chips from Aldi (bright yellow) or Karrimor from SD You can take this with you, wrapped round your middle, and then slip it on for your walks back home or if it starts raining or turns cold. You will be seen from Mars wearing one of these as you need to be seen by traffic if you are running near roads

Non-wicking tee shirt or vest. Again, cheap as chips from SD. I think Primark, Asda, Sainsbury, Aldi are all doing running gear these days. My Karrimor capris (SD) are ok but I prefer the Nike ones as they are a better fit, but they are fine and comfy so no worries as they were about half the price of the Nikes. Socks from Aldi or SD

So you only need the basic bits to start you off and you can add to your wardrobe as you wish. Have fun!


Oh forgot to say .... Asda! I was in there today looking at their running vests (racer back) in pink, charcoal and a gorgeous aqua turquoisy blue, and only £7. Lovely too! I nearly bought one but resisted the urge


The Asda stuff is brilliant! Shame the black running shorts had sold out so I ended up with the luminous pink ones, but they're very comfy. Normally I get my running gear from eBay or Sports Direct.


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