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Running attire for the winter months?


Is everyone still in shorts and t-shirts? I am as You Sharp warm up when your out there but you see people running with trousers and long sleeve tops now! I think I’d catch fire with all that clothing on! I went to the Nike shop the other day looking at running gear and it’s all about the long sleeves and strides

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I tried the long sleeves and strides on a cold evening run last week, I nearly burst into flames after 2k, I'm sticking to shorts and T_shirts.


It was chilly out tonight. Cold air in the lungs and on the hands. Tracky bottoms and microfleece top for me in this weather.


I wear leggings and my usual tops.. with a lightweight jacket... and.. as the weather gets chillier... my Buff!

Still in shorts here. T-shirt with a long sleeve over. I've got a woolly hat, bit it's not finished a full run yet ... Too warm!

I have been looking out for some leggings, but concerned that I'll look like a couple of liquorice laces. 😀

I’m in long but lightweight, but could have managed shorts, and ended up removing my lightweight jacket...., which was a pain. I’m thinking maybe to do some warm up exercises prior to going out, so am already warm and don’t get chilly on the warm up walk.


I'm running ball, as I wear long leggings, longsleeve base layer, longsleeve second layer, buff, headband, hoodie, and gloves. And during my yesterday's warm-up walk I was still cold. I was ok for most of the run, only last few minutes was kind of hot, kind of. Yes, I was sweating, but I loved that I wasn't feeling cold.

I’m in leggings, long sleeve thermal top ands t-shirt over the top. At 7c yesterday there was no way I was going out in just a tee. Have a lightweight jacket to go on when the temp drops a little further but already wondering what else I can wear for when it gets colder. Brrr! ❄️


Last night I was in shorts and t-shirt with a long sleeved top over it. For the first time I didn’t remove the long sleeved top but it was borderline.


I wear long running leggings and running tshirt. I have a lightweight running jacket but if I start with it I’m hot within 10 mins and it comes off


I’m in my long leggings have just bought some thicker ones, long sleeve top and I have a thinsulate jumper which to be fair I normally take off towards the halfway mark. It’s getting chilly now


I wear ankle length running leggings and running tshirt with a lightweight jacket, I don’t like shorts so I probably wouldn’t wear shorts even in the warmer weather


Haven't run in cold weather before, so can never be sure what to wear. Get hot so quickly, but need something warm for warm up walk. Trying the thin layers approach, but there's only so much you can tie round your waist ...! And unless there are zips, I just get in a tangle with headphones etc, trying to get it over my head - esp while running (rubbish multi-tasker). Then there's the whole head issue if/when it starts raining. It's all a voyage of discovery at the moment, but expect it will sort itself out once it gets properly cold. At least legs aren't a problem so far - just-below-knee-length leggings still doing fine.


No-one wants to see me in shorts so I started off with yoga pants in August but, now that I don't mind looking a bit more professional, I'm now in running leggings. Have layered my tops including a thin jacket I can remove and tie around waist. I also will be going for the Buff to keep my dreadlocks under control and my ears warm. As a glasses wearer, I also have a delightful green plastic visor (Tiger 99p) stuffed into my jacket pocket for if it starts raining. Sort of thing tennis players used to wear in the 1980s - and truly great for embarrassing my family with. Added to this I then have a small crossover bag to hold my keys and phone. To add to the glamorous appearance, I took a radio with me on my last run which I stuffed into my cleavage. Just as well it was getting dark!

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