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Ankle/Achilles pain?

Hi, I have had some stiffness/pain in the back of my right ankle after my last couple of runs. It hasn't hurt while running, and I don't recall pulling it or anything, but this morning it made walking down the stairs hard work! I do stretch afterwards and haven't had any problems with it before.

Anyone have any suggestions what might be causing it, and what to do about it?

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Sounds like achilles tendon. You could try stretching it or maybe rest it for a couple of days. Maybe get it checked by your GP as you definitely don't want it to snap. A friend did his at a barn dance and he was then on crutches etc not good.

Hope it gets better - maybe try a sports massage or physio


I have a very tight right achilles, which must be the result of some kind of physical imbalance in my legs. When I get out of bed every morning it is very stiff, but very quickly loosens up. I give that leg an extra stretch after a run and it never cause me any pain or indeed stiffness, except first thing. I think it first occurred soon after I graduated, when I changed my stride pattern and running surface, by trying to run faster on roads, as opposed to my usual steady off road pace.

Your problem sounds similar to mine but if it causes pain over a period of time then it may be worth consulting a physio or GP.


It may depend on how you're running: I had some lower calf pain that could have been a minor achilles problem but actually turned out to be calf strain from running too fast with forefoot strike (never happened at a lower speed, oddly). Do you land on your heel, your midfoot or your toes? It might be worth taking two or three days off, then going for a shortish, very slow run and see how it feels afterwards (with lots of lovely stretching, of course).


I have this with my left ankle and it drives me nuts. It swells up at the back .

Apparently swelling in the feet and legs after any exercise is not uncommon and doesn't necessarily mean anything is wrong. I have noticed since not running since Sunday that mine is absolutely fine. I take a daily Omega 3 fish oil capsule as I get joint aches if I don't

I shall keep running and having a rest day in between runs. If mine gets worse I shall have to see a doctor, but so far I've not done so

If you have the right shoes on and have your rest days, and don't overdo things I think you should be ok. I do exercise DVD's at home to help make me stronger. I use Jillian Michaels ones


I had this when I started the programme. It sounds like Achilles pain. Mine was caused by running on a route that was very hilly in bashed up running shoes.

I treated myself to some new running shoes and now stick to running on level roads or a running machine, it seems to have solved the problem.

I did also have 6 days rest during week 5 due to sinus and chest problems and that also seemed to do my legs no end of good in terms of aches and pains generally.


Thanks everyone. It's a tad bruised now so I may have to consider resting it :-(


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