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Calf/Achilles pain

I completed w2r2 with pain in my calf/ Achilles had a rest day and could only manage 1 run of w2r3 and had to walk painfully and very slowly home. I could hardly walk the next day going downstairs was difficult although going up stairs less difficult. Things like driving didn't prove a problem at all. Some days were worse than others and I decided to not run (I couldn't really) that was nearly 2 weeks ago. Yesterday as the pain seemed to have settled down so I decided to walk briskly for 1/2 hr which I managed but if I started to lightly jog I had sharp pain again. Any ideas or thoughts.

Although I only managed to W2 I was really enjoying myself and the sense of achievement

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I started Couch to 5K last Spring with my son in law... like you at about week 3 in the programme, I suffered discomfort in my left Achilles tendon..( hobbled home). it escalated until I could not walk without terrific pain. Having torn my right Achilles tendon..( falling accident) it really worried me!

I had to abandon the programme which I was really enjoying, and it was quite a few weeks before the problem was sorted. I used the exercises from the Physio, that I had been given when I damaged my right foot! The bit where you mention going upstairs and discomfort rings warning bells with me.

I did not carry on with the programme, and then in October, ( a house move later!) I started the whole thing again...from the beginning...on my own this time. I made sure I warmed up properly, plenty of strengthen and flex exercises ( link on Couch to 5K site) in conjunction with the runs, on my non run days. My shoes were bought and worn round the house until I was really comfy in them... ( I always break all my shoes in.. weird I know).

I graduated the week before problems, except an odd twinge..( I am 65 !) I made sure I followed Laura to the letter. Since graduation I have been doing the couch to 5K+ podcasts and so far so good!

Don't know if this helps at all. but please take care... sounds very like my experience. I think I just did not warm up properly, pulled something on the trails we were running, or just went at it the wrong way..not sure, but the approach taken when I started again seemed to work for me.

There will be loads of advice from folk on here for you anyway.

Good luck and let us know how it goes..?:)

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Thanks so much that really really helps am so gutted as my 1/2 hour out and about was fantastic and I'm getting worried that I will never get there again but you've really helped with your story Thanks again

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You're very welcome... don't despair..just take it steady, and you will be fine!


Yep I've been there! Rested for 8weeks but now it's great. Ice it regularly...I still ice after every run and do eccentric calf raises 15 X twice a day ( you tube it) they really work. Good luck and don't start running until u can use the stairs pain free.


Again thanks I was starting to worry Id never get back there


The advice here is all good. I'd add that my Achilles hates...

* hard flat surfaces (Tarmac, paving slabs)

* soft/dry sand

* when I don't do strength and stretching stuff

* steep hills if it's already twingeing

...but loves...

* trails

* heel drops

* when I'm strong and therefore run with decent form and don't wallop my feet around in desperate exhaustion!

* even more heel drops.

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