This 75 year old two years on

This 75 year old two years on

Two years ago I asked the question could a 73 year old start the programme, the support I had that first 9weeks was amazing. Graduated in the September, had a lot of headaches and sickness around week 6 but came through. When I started the programme I was 11stone 3lbs and in 12 months was down to 9stone 13 lbs with the help of Myfitnesspal and exercise and yoga. Managing to maintain my weight around 10stone. Then life got in the way, had a fall and dislocated my shoulder (very painful) and no running for 6 weeks. Then lovely hubby was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he should have graduated as well as he had been with me every step of the way. When he started his treatment he couldn't run so I started to go out on my own and I enjoyed my own company. Now we are back out there together, his treatment has gone well but he gets tired much quicker, must be the hormone treatment he is on. 2 years on and still out there, slow but off the couch. :-)


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  • What an inspiring story! You've certainly haven't had an easy time of it over the last 2 years but you've stuck with it, through the good times and the bad, and look at you now! That's such a great photo, you look really good! In fact you could be a poster girl for c25k. :)

    My very best wishes to your husband too- prostrate cancer is a wicked disease. Really hope his treatment continues to go well. Happy running to you both

  • You look amazing ! Fit, healthy and happy. Sorry to hear about your husband but glad he is up and out running again. Very best wishes to both of you.

  • Dear P174 -- I wish I knew your first name - or something other than what once once an Australian Chrysler car that turned out to be a non-winner :) -- because you are definitely an inspiration. I agree with Ancient Mum ( Wish I knew her name too!!) -- there are many stories here that somehow need to be promulgated out into the wider world.

  • Hi Bazza1234 my name is Pat, I have been trying to change my username to Pat184 this morning but so far I have not been able to do it.

  • Hi Bazza -I'm Carrie (I am a mum but I'm only *quite* ancient) :)

  • Pleased to meet you Kat and delighted to put a name to the owner of the legendary injury couch. How long before you start asking for rent? :)

  • I better head down to the Cash and Carry and stock up :)

  • Wow that is completely inspiring that you've kept going through all your struggles! You look very happy and healthy in your photo - where is that gorgeous beach? It doesn't matter if you're slow - you're a runner and off the couch, and that's what matters!

  • Hi rr76 the beach is at Burnham on Sea, Somerset, we were there about 3 weeks ago on a weeks holiday. Pat

  • You look absolutely amazing! What an inspiration you are to me...I am only on week 5 of the programme, but before I started I was questioning whether 54 was too old to start running! Well I can't say that any more can I?

    I agree with AncientMum that you are a fantastic poster girl for C25K! I'm so glad your husband is back up and running with you. Hope you both have many more running years left :D

  • That picture says it all. Thanks for posting!

  • Well that puts most of our problems into perspective. You two are amazing, and so inspirational. You have inspired me to take at least a day off moaning! I can't commit to more than that - it's the moaning that keeps me going! I'm at Wk 3 so hopefully the next few weeks will be more about the running - it certainly lifts my spirits :)

  • Thanks for sharing with us, you look amazing! I'm sure running will have helped with your wonderful positive attitude. How lucky to have a lovely beach like that to run on xx

  • Hi Curlygurly it was lovely at Burnham on Sea but I was only there for a week on holiday, had a lovely time but unfortunately on the way home our car was written off by a lorry on the M5.

  • Eeek! I hope and presume you were not in it!

  • Yes we were, the lorry pushed us against the Armco barrier, we were on the hard shoulder due to road works so there was nowhere for Barry to go, but we were unharmed luckily.

  • That is terrifying. Glad you are both ok.

  • And here was me worrying that 63 could be too old to start c25k! Whenever I think it's getting a bit tough I will just remind myself of your achievement!

  • I started at 63 and I'd hated running at school and couldn't run for a bus. Now I'm 64.5 and still running three times a week including a Parkrun every Saturday morning. Get started!

  • Finished week3 this morning!

  • Get us - Woohoo!

  • Congratulations, your story is truly an inspirational one.....for all those people out there who are doubting they can do it......then all they need to do is read about your journey. I hope you and your husband have many more happy years of running ahead. Take care and best wishes to you the photo!

  • Wow! A great inspirational story, you have done so well running through life's ups and downs. You look amazing, healthy, fit and happy. Lovely that your husband is running with you again. Thank you for sharing x :-)

  • Teabreaks! You are just a babby! You will do it, nay bother.

    Great stuff P!!!!! You look FAB-U-LOUS!!!!! Keep on running babe, you're an inspiration to us all. I do hope your husband will soon be back to his former fitness, or as near as damn it.

    With you by his side, he soon will be I'm sure. Runs on that beach must be a siren call. It looks just gorgeous

  • Amazing story and a lovely photo, an inspiration to us all thank you for sharing and I hope your husband continues to full recovery

  • You look amazing and are an inspiration to us all on those mornings when we struggle to muster up the enthusiasm to leap out of bed for a run! You go girl!

  • Great story and what an inspiration to us all. You like you are really enjoying yourself on that photo. Good luck to you and your husband ;o)

  • Brilliant. You look amazing. Someone took a photo of me after running a few weeks ago and I am now offering them large amounts of money to delete it. Wishing you many happy runs to come. Linda

  • Pat you are incredible. What a story and don't you look the business in your lycra running catsuit!! Huge congrats on your achievements and do hope hubby is fairing well.

    Keep it up!

  • amazing

  • Pat, I just read out your post to my 29 year old daughter and we agreed you are absolutely brilliant. Over the year since I started you have been a constant inspiration and very supportive to others both here on HU and on the C25k Facebook page. Hope you both have many more years of running to look forward to. You look fabulous too :)

  • Aw Pat you know how much we all love you You look amazing in photo - you look so happy and relaxed and such a beautiful smile . You look like you've just come from hairdresser and beautician . When I'm running I look like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards. What's your secret. Agree with others you should be poster girl and be held up to everyone who tells family member or friend they are too old to run. You are proof that age is only a number and it's positive attitude that let's you achieve your goal. Side effects of drugs can just be awful but hats off to Barry who back running. Loads of folks would just give up . And great weight loss and you've managed to maintain it which can be even harder. Best wishes to you both and happy running

  • Hi Fitfor60 thank you so much for your lovely comments, it was 6.30 on a beautiful sunny morning because we are early morning runners, 8 minute walk to the beach then run along the beach. After nearly 5 km the picture Baz took was not nearly so flattering. You ask what is the secret, I think it is that I can't stop, I have to be on the move doing something, (also Baz is my toyboy, it may only be by 13 months but it works for me :-) ), and I have said many times on this site age is not the thing that makes you old it's an attitude of mind. Thanks again for all your lovely compliments and keeeeeeep running. Pat

  • Agree with everyone, you look fantastic and definately much younger than your years. You're an inspiration to us all.

  • You are amazing, Pat, and your story is inspirational :) You look fantastic - so happy. Here's to many more years of running for you and Baz :)

  • I love this photo Pat, you look wonderful, you are wonderful, keep up the good work and big hug to you and hubby, both true inspirations that this program works and works well for all ages and abilities. Well done :)

  • Pat you are fantastic. Not odd at all. Its the non-runners who are the odd ones.

  • Thank you all for your lovely replies, let's hope I can do the same next year with no accidents or hospital appointments. :-) Pat

  • You made me smile a bright and beaming smile :-) a fab story

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