I'm new here ... Advice for a 49 year old please!!!

I graduated 2 years ago and was so proud of myself.  I'd lost over a stone in weight and felt the fittest I had in years.  I was amazed at what I had achieved, as I'd never run in my life and the thought of it filled me with utter dread.  But I did it !!!  I even went on to do the 5k+ runs.  Laura was brilliant!

Then I  lost my way - changes at work, dark nights, bad weather, the joys of keeping a house together, etc., and so I dipped in and out of running, as and when I could, eventually I stopped.  

Two years on, the weight is back on, I'm older and greyer, but know that I must get back out there and feel that sense of achievement and buzz, just I did when I completed my final Week 9 run.

So ...... this week, I started on Week 5 and I struggled.  I did have the dog with me and although she was off the lead for some of it, there were others when I was trying to get her back on the lead and she was far more interested in anything than me!!  So a few more stops than intended.

I found it hard ... so do I start right at the beginning again, or do I try week 4?

I would really appreciate any help and support with this.  I really have struggled to get back to it, and just putting my running shoes on is quite an achievement.

Thank you.


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33 Replies

  • You might be older and greyer but you are also wiser and more knowledgeable; you've already done this and you know what to expect. The second round will be a walk in the park (well... sort of). 😉

    After two years, I would restart from W1R1; after all, the aim is simply to arrive at the end of the programme, without any time limit.

    Welcome back to the runners' family and good luck with your C25K joirney! 🙂

  • Thanks, yes I did wonder if I should start at the very beginning! Build it up slowly like before.  

  • You'll be pleased to hear that I took your advice and did my first Week1, run 1 tonight.  Here's to lots more ... 

  • I am, but I'll be even more pleased to read your re-graduation post in a few weeks. 

    Rooting for you. 😉

  • Welcome back ! Youve come to the right place :-)

    Yes I agree with Secan, why not start at the very beginning ? Slow and steady is the way , no pressure .

    Keep posting on here , this is a very supportive forum with lovely , encouraging folk who will help you every step of the way .

    Chin up Duffy, you can do this again, all you need is a bit of self belief and determination . 

    Good Luck ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppypug .... I chose my user name as when I was little there was Disney film I watched called Duffy Moon and the saying was "you can do it Duffy Moon" and that's kinda how I feel right now ..... I've just got to believe it.  I'm not sure if I've still got it in me!!??  

    It's so good to find out that there are others out there.  I just clicked onto the site and I was like, oh wow ....

    I started two years ago with a friend but she had to drop out due to an injury and never re-joined the two-some.  So really its always been just me, but that is kind of good in a way, because you can switch off.

    I've got other, much fitter, friends that offered to go with me, which I did in January - but they were straight into 5k runs and I was mentally and physically spent, and thought never again!!  I tried a few more times, but hated it, it was awful.

    Thank you for the support.  I mean that.  A lot.

  • Yes , you CAN do it xxx

    You will be fine Duffy, your new journey starts right here ...

    I look forward to following your progress ,  so please keep posting so we can help you xxxx

  • Thanks Puppy Dog, I feel supported already .... Let it begin (again!!)

  • Whoops, meant Poppy Pug, must put my glasses on!!! 

  • Ha ha ! :-) xxx

  • Oh don't, I've been mortified all day, convinced you'd block me! From a bespectacled, apologetic, born-again runner.

  • Ha ha , Ah dont worry. Im really looking forward to reading of your progress xxx

    When are you out again ? :-) xxx

  • I'm let out again on Monday! God help my fellow residents!!! 

  • Good Luck , you will be fine , let us know how you go on :-) xxx

  • I've just finished my first run, week 1, day 1, here's to lots more ...

  • Fantastic Duffy ! Well done, keep going ! :-) xxx

  • I too have a dog but there is NO WAY I'd take her with me - she's a total dawdler and likes to plod around and sniff everything.  She has her walks and I have my runs.  Welcome back to the programme Duffy and best wishes x

  • Thanks and yes, perhaps a mistake with the dog, she's not normally too bad, but those sniffs and smells sometimes are just too great to ignore .....

  • Start at W1. The broader you build the base of your pyramid, the stronger it will be.

  • I like your thinking ...... I was thinking something similar, more like jelly right now though :(

  • I've starting building that foundation ..... first run tonight completed

  • WElcome to the fold Duffers.  Duffers!  Sorry, I need me specs on anorl.  Tsk   Puppy Dog, Duffers.  You see what you've come to don't you.  Shakes head ...

    You'll get the  job done Duffy. You'll get slimmer, healthier too but you just have to stick with it. Never quit!  Be like a rat up a drainpipe!  

    Have fun!  Yes it IS fun but  you just have to go very, very steadily. That's the trick to it

  • Love it ....... oh, and remember to wear the specs at all times! 

  • Definitely start at the begining - why not be kind to yourself?!

    Start with a win and you're half way there.  Look to see if there is a parkrun close by, too.  If you have, it's a brilliant way to keep yourself going after graduation (and a great motivation on the way :) )

    Welcome back!

  • Hi and welcome back ☺ going back to the start is the right thing to do, you have done it before and know what to expect, it will build your confidence quicker as although 2 years your muscles and body will remember. 

    Good  luck with your runs , just take them as they come and the main enjoy the process 😊

  • I would be a bit more ambitious and start on W1, if that was OK I'd go on to week2 etc. until I felt challenged. Then I'd follow the programme. But it won't do any harm to do the whole thing again and build up fitness gradually. 

  • I agree with secan.. start again and keep it slow and steady... enjoy the journey and think of it as a continuous learning process..:)

  • Hi, yes I've decided to do it slowly and build it up, I'm just back from completing Week 1, Run 1.    

  • Well done.. how did it go ? :)

  • It was OK.  I could have probably pushed myself. But I thought, no!  Slow and steady ....

  • Lots of great advice above - just to say welcome, and enjoy yourself!

  • Thanks Ullyrunner

  • You're in a good position as you know what you're about to do. I'm sure it will all come flooding back. Good luck. 

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