Calf injuries... advice please.

So my husband has started the c25k programme secretly behind me. He's just started week 3, I'm finishing week 6 tomorrow and I found out today as he's really hurt his calf. It wasn't the way I was meant to find out!

He has found the 1st 2 weeks quite easy and is a reasonably fit 51 year old, who cycles and walks regularly but didn't run/jog before this. He's always had tight calves. He has also been using my calf foam roller regularly to loosen up his calves.

Anyway he had just finished the warm up walk, he'd jogged for his 1st 3 min run them felt a mild twinge, like a pinch, in his calf so slowed down. He did another 10 paces walking then it got tighter. He had to hobble back home in pain. He has rested it, iced it regularly and kept it elevated for the rest of today. Any ideas? He's despondent and says he's thinking of giving up running.


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  • There are heaps of people on here who have gone on to finish the programme after injury and somebody will be along with exercise/stretching advice. If he enjoyed the running and wants to run with you then he needs to keep at it! After the pain has gone, of course!

    Or is he just looking for sympathy?

  • No he genuinely hurt himself. Hopefully he will get back to it. Thanks. X

  • Sounds like a pulled muscle. Did he jar his foot coming off a kerb or something when it happened. Often the most minor little bump in the path can cause havoc if one lands awkwardly.

    It will heal though and is not a sign that he should give up, just rest a few days till it recovers.

  • Thanks for the advice. He's always said running wasn't for him so I'm surprised he's doing it. He has said though that it's a great stress beater.

  • And that is an excellent reason just on its own.... :)

  • It sounds like what I experienced right after graduation. I also RICEd it and after 10 days I was pain-free again and eased myself back into running. It was very painful in the beginning, I was limping and thought it was the end of running for me...

    Hope he's getting better soon

  • Thanks.

  • Whaaaat! Why would he just quit! An injury can happen any time anywhere. If he's tweaked it he can rest up a bit til it gets right and then kick on again

    Make sure you keep going won't you! πŸ’ͺπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜ƒ

  • Thanks Miss Wobble, I always love your replies to posts! I think he knows it's good for him but isn't as into it as me. I will carry on as we can't run together anyway due to childcare timings. I think if he rests it for this week and then maybe he'll be up for it again. Off to do week 6 run 3 now and it's hot out there!

  • RICE.. and when recovered get back out there...he cannot be thinking of giving up at the first hurdle... sorry, hobble... NO!

    You carry on and show him how great it is when you get to that Graduation Party ! x

  • Get him to rest up and restart when better. I had a major calf injury in week 5, needed ten weeks off running (with physio ) and then started again and did the whole programme injury free. So glad I didn't give up .. at this or subsequent injures. They happen. But you can still shop online for running clothes from the Injury couch....

  • I will pass on all the advice, thanks everyone.

  • It was a bit scorchio out there today. I ran later on and didn't get back in til just after 9.00 pm but it was a lovely evening. Just right (apart from the gnats!)

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