Wasn't going to run, then I was,then I wasn't then I DID

Kept telling myself there was no point running today because I tried a pair of trousers on yesterday and they're still too small. I'm not weighing myself cos I thought I'd do it all through clothes fitting. I regret that now because I don't know if I'm losing weight. Anyway generally feel rubbish so thought not running. Then after about five hours of saying no I decided to go. Managed 5k so im pleased but still fed up with my trousers!!!


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11 Replies

  • Oh no! Well, well done you for getting out. You would only have felt worse if you had of sat at home, and risked boring yourself into eating something naughty :)

    I bet you are losing weight or shaping up in general, maybe just having a bad or bloated day yesterday? And if you're planning on continuing losing weight why not weigh yourself now, or take some proper measurements and then you can measure your progress in future?

    Chin up, well done again,

    Emily :)

  • Thank you Emily. Yes I'll do that. Don't really like weighing myself though xx

  • I know what you mean about the clothes thing. I am getting my summer wardrobe out and was hoping I would need new stuff. Some of it felt tighter. I find that going for the run helps becuase even though the clothes don't fit I get the runner high which makes me less bothered. I know I am doing everything I can to be healthy and that's ok in my book. Keep focused on the positives.

  • I know how you feel, i look at clothes and think i use to fit into these! I even added to the problem by buying a pair of trousers too small but i was like i am going to lose weight and when i do they will fab for the summer (currently winter where i am) I know the one shopping rule and i broke it! You got out there which is better than not, i think Emily's suggestion of weighing and taking measurements is good one. I wish i took measurements

  • Reassuring to know I'm not the only one feeling like this. Thank you peeps. Helps xxx

  • The important thing is.......did you enjoy your run? We all know that running alone does not make you lose weight, but will tone you up no end and increase your body and diet awareness. Just run for fun and enjoy the fact that it is making you fitter even if you are not losing weight.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Trousers ? Shmousers...Are you fitter and healthier than if you hadn't gone for a run ? Get different trousers !!!

  • I lost 20kgs and still can't fit into a smaller size.

    (BTW I dislike weighing myself in imperial measures, much prefer metric - might that work for you?)

  • Trousers are awkward things anyway; to hell with what they think. Any run will be beneficial to your health, so never mind what the scales say: enjoy your running! :-)

  • As others have said, forget the trousers! For now at least. I think kg better too (i like that advice :) ) as its easier to see smaller increments. Plus if you're not as familiar it might be easier?

    Good luck

  • In the same boat, sort of. Most of my current work trousers are getting baggy so I thought I'd get my old (smaller) ones out of the cupboard, convinced they'd now fit me. They didn't, and neither did the jeans or skirt. I seem to be caught between sizes, and in reality now have nothing to wear that makes me feel good. I 'know' the running is making me fitter, and I know I must be getting slimmer because 10 weeks ago I wouldn't have been caught dead in public wearing some of the running gear I'm wearing, but I was convinced the running, plus dieting, would have caused more noticeable results by now.

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