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Couch to 5K
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week 1, looking like a pro before I run!

I've just started the C25k plan, done my first 2 "runs" and found it ok so far. I'm trying to get my fitness back after years of illness so thought I'd give running a go and found this plan, it seems great so far. The first thing I did was visit a specialist running shop to buy shoes, as I have Plantar fasciitis in one foot I thought I should start off with good shoes, they are great, they are comfy like slippers but like I'm walking on air. My husband bought me 3/4 length running trousers and tops for my birthday so I look like a professional, ha ha! not running like one but I'm sure that will come.

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Proper kit made a really big difference to how comfortable I feel during my runs, glad you feel like a pro, Laura will be telling you you are indeed a proper runner in a matter of weeks. Good luck


It's a good confidence boost knowing your gear will support you.

I started C25k last year after a few years of illness also, I still have my health problems, but running has brought so much pleasure back to my life, I feel like I am living again rather then just exisiting.

I hope it helps you too.


Thanks Nickyrunning and didntrunthat. Run 3 tomorrow, looking forward to it :)


Ah, good old PF, what a painful nightmare! Although, touch wood, since I started running and found some proper stretches, mine is a lot better. What shoes did you get, just out of interest? I went for Asics GT2160 which are apparently very good for people with PF and they appear to be working - heel not bothering me at all when I run....


Hi Tantrumbean - I got nike lunareclipse+ 2, recommended by the running shop and so far they have been brilliant. My foot is fine when running, it tightens up afterwards, been doing stretches and it's ok. Have used Kinesio Pre-cut Foot Support tape before and found it to be great, so I have some on standby! Glad your shoes are good, it's amazing the difference good shoes make


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