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Am I a Runner?

My wife and I were discussing whether we are 'runners' or not yesterday.

We have stuck to the programme religiously and are going to do week 6, run 3 today. My wife's thoughts are that we couldn't class ourselves as 'runners' yet. My thoughts are that having run/walked 3 times per week for 6 weeks and completed a 20min run then that, in my book, would suggest we are runners.

Perhaps it comes down to how we feel within ourselves?

At what point did you feel like you were a 'runner'?

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Read this blog:

Trust in Laura!

But seriously, having done the 20 minutes, I now feel like a runner. An amateur one, not a professional one mind you, nor I have no intention of becoming a professional. It's just great to be able to go out and run for a while.

Have a good W6R3.


I don't feel like a runner yet, but I do feel like a jogger. :-)

Good luck with your next run. :-)


Oh yes you are runners and you just wait and hear Laura tell you later today! That is a special moment! :)

From the very beginning of this program I have always said I am going for a run, never a jog, so that must mean I have always thought of myself as a runner as that is exactly what I was doing - not sitting on my couch!

Enjoy your run today!



left, right, left, right, left ... sound like running to me and that makes you a runner. No doubt about it - once you do "that" week 5 run, no-one has any right to think anything other than that you are a runner. Well done!


I still have a difficult time convincing myself I'm a runner. ;-) I like to believe from the moment we chose to do the program, put on our trainers and made that first step...we were runners. Good luck to the two of you! Gayle


Thank you all. I agree...we are runners! :-)


You are runners. Laura will tell you so on your next run :)


We completed the 25 minute run this evening and... wait for it... sprinted the last minute!!

6 weeks ago we couldn't run the length of ourselves!

We did have a giggle when Laura said we were officially runners as my wife sussed that I knew it was coming up.

On to week 7 :-)


I cried when Laura told me I was a runner :)

well done for getting this far and enjoy week 7 :)


You are "officially a runner". So is your wife. And so am I (did same run on Friday). Like amsjo I had a little emotional moment when Laura said that but was grinning my head off about 5 minutes later when it had all sunk in.

At the beginning of Week 2 I couldn't complete the first run, now I can do 25 mins of light jogging. I can't quite believe how this works, but it does.

Many congratulations to both of you, look forward to hearing how you get on with the next few weeks :-) x


You are definitely runners...


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