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Officially a runner.....!!

Norah52Graduate quoted by Sarah Millican just a few minutes ago when I completed week 6 day 3 and a 25 minute (no pitstop) "run". Even managed to increase my pace for the final minute "& go out on a high" again quoted by SM ( my virtual jogging buddy)

I'd been dreading this run all week. 25 minutes with no breathers and I'm still pinching myself that I actually did it!!

That's set my day up....I am officially in a good mood!!😁

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Yay! Go Norah52! Runner!

Very well done Norah. 👏👏 That’s a big deal that first 25 minuter. 😀 You realise that W7 is simply three more of the same don’t you - so you’ve got that week in the bag already! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

It’s an added bonus that running leaves us in a good mood too isn’t it? 😀

Brilliant isn’t it! Nobody has ever told me I’m a runner before (lazy cow yes!) then Sarah Millican did! Still think my pace is somewhere between walking and running but I’ll take it!

Norah52Graduate in reply to Lousylungs

Don't think I've ever really mastered 'running' in my life but 6 weeks in and now feel that for the first time in my 48 years that if I ever had a big dog chasing me (I'm not phobic but do have a worrying fear of the creatures) that I'd now have 'some chance' as opposed to 'no chance'. ☺

Lousylungs in reply to Norah52

Ha ha I’ve not been a runner for 64 years so at least have a chance of keeping up with my grandchildren now...maybe!

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