Expected a crap run but it didn't happen!

I really didn't feel like running this morning, and even as I finished my warm up walk I was thinking, "What am I doing?" Strangely, I managed to knock about 3 minutes off my previous PB, and even better, I managed to keep my speed fairly consistent throughout (something which has been an issue for me). Just need to get a grip of this hayfever and maybe I'll finally nail the elusive 5km!

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  • It's funny how it turns out that way sometimes. Well done for the PB.

  • Thanks!

  • It's amazing how many times I've read similar stories i.e. not feeling up to a run but did it anyway and out of the blue, a PB :) Well done :)

  • And yet when I was really up for it last Sunday, I struggled. How odd!

  • Wow, a great run on many levels; very well done indeed! Bet you're so glad you went out now! :-)

  • Very glad! The head gremlins only lasted about 2 minutes, instead of the usual 6 or 7!

  • well done, I can run a 5k, or at least kinda run for 5k, but very slow, my speed is non existent !

  • Well done on the 5k! I am doing 4k in 27 minutes, and I'm hoping to try for 5k next weekend, although I've managed to get a minor hip flexor strain from riding a bike that was too small for me, but hopefully that will be gone by then.

  • 5k takes me 50 minutes Delilah but feels good to do it without stopping ( at least it does when its over !! )

  • Well done Delilah. Don't you just love those runs that turn out to be unexpectedly great? :)

  • Hey there Delilah, well done ! Sounds like you had a great run :-) xxx

  • Well done Del!

  • Wow! Good going! Three minutes is significant isn't it?

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