Didn't enjoy my run

Set off this morning full of optimism , after my good run on weds , but I didn't enjoy it , couldn't wait for it to be over to be honest . I took a different route & it had a couple of steep inclines they wore me out , I came the closest I've ever been to stopping after about 10 mins , I've never had to do it but I really had to dig deep today ! Any way kept going & managed 5k in 34.49 .


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16 Replies

  • Sorry to hear that Big pat on back for carrying on though Well done for doing steep inclines I am still trying to avoid anything that's not totally flat Suppose that should be my next goal

  • you did well to keep running good time too . your determination won through well done

  • I can't believe you did it all without stopping. Big respect to you for that my lovely. Thanks for your reply on my post; I've replied to that too. Mutual support, mutual support...keep going...! :-)

  • That seems a mighty impressive run to me. I struggle with rises let alone steep inclines - and to still do that time!!

  • I don't enjoy hills either, I don't think there's many that do. I saw a great running top with the slogan 'it's a hill get over it'. That one appealed to my sense of humour!

    Seriously, you've achieved a 5k time that many would envy on the flat so isn't it really is something to celebrate?

    It also leaves you something to go back to and improve on, if you feel that way inclined (scuse the pun) perhaps you went to fast up the hill, was your stride too long, what happens if you tweak it a bit..... But maybe not too soon, I am awful for getting competitive with myself!

    The main thing is don't let it get you down!

  • Well I said steep incline , I may have slightly exaggerated ! It s a incline , but now I'm over it , it's not that steep lol , it just felt like a mountain at the time . Thanks for your comments , yes your right in all you say , it's just that today for me was a really really big effort worse I've had I would say , I've never felt so close to packing in , don't know why , could it have been change of route , out of my comfort zone maybe , I don't know . Anyway once again thanks for your advice ,I am pleased at my time , it's just that sometimes we are just too hard on ourselves .

  • Rockette, I think you have found a new challenge! Those hills become a great training aid and with the right approach you will enjoy conquering them.

  • Yes , I'll conquer them bloody hills if it kills me . ( nearly did today )

  • Steady on, nothing is worth dying for!

  • Ha ha

  • I hate hills! If I could do that time on the flat I would die a happy woman!

  • Like I said , lol I think I may have overdramatised the inclines , but they wasn't as flat as I'd like .

  • As laura says.. A rubbish run is better than no run. But that dounds a v impressive run to me! I am still struggling to keep up 30 mins. 25 is ok but 30 consistantly hard unless on treadmill. No slopes at all there! Wish there was a more structured post 5;k programme. I set a target of 75mins a week running. Msnaged it last week but only 30.so far this week.

  • Well done for finishing the run anyway. I hate running up hills (and cycling up them too as it happens) and I think some of us just might be more suited to one sort of terrain than another. I've noticed though that running up a hill is a bit like persuading myself to do a few sprints in the course of running on the flat - my fitness and aerobic capacity improve. I've got to the point now that I don't push myself too hard, I take rest days when I need them and I might do a shorter run if I'm not feeling great and to my surprise, when I next run it hasn't made much difference overall.

  • Well done you for finishing it stronger will then me no doubt!!! I am going to attempt a run on my leg today see how it goes =/

  • Inclines and that time = wow! Put it behind you and enjoy the next one. We all have our dodgy days but they are not the ones we will remember :) good on you for sticking it out though!

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