When does it happen?

OK so I've managed to complete w8 reasonably well. I even ran in the pouring rain for the first time but....when will I feel like a real runner? I potter along thinking I'm doing OK then some Lycra clad gazelles come bounding past making me feel that really I'm in the "all the gear, no idea" camp. I still feel a bit embarrassed when there's actually anyone to see me puffing my way along the towpath! So when does it happen? When do I become "a runner" rather than a pretender? Just wondering!


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  • I can't answer your question but I feel exactly the same way! I'm pretty sure I could walk faster than I could run. I suppose we'll get there eventually!

  • I reckon those gazelles will recognise someone on their way! People who are expert in any field love other people having a go and are always supportive. Far from sneering they may well recognise in you how they were at the beginning, particularly when they see you doing your bit regularly. And if they are scornful, you might like to consider whether or not they are the sorts of people who would take up such a challenge and, more to the point, stick with it. You are a runner let no one suggest otherwise!

  • You are running for 28 minutes non- stop! I think that makes you a runner in anyone's eyes. Never mind the gazelles, you are miles ahead of everyone on the couch!

  • Whenever you choose to feel like one. If you define "being a runner" as being a lycra-clad gazelle then you will need to buy some lycra and do some speedwork once you graduate. If you define being a runner by. y'know... being a runner, then you are a runner. There will probably always be someone faster, slimmer, younger than you and if you won't feel happy until you catch up with them then either the Olympics or a lot of disappointment beckons. If you measure your achievement by how far you have progressed from where you were, then a lifetime of satisfying running awaits.

  • What a perfect reply! Everything I wanted to say 'with knobs on'!:-)

  • you are just as much a Lycra clad gazelle as they are!!!! And if you can do 28 mins then you are not pretending -you already are a runner !!!!! Well done you!

  • You're definitely a real runner! I know the feeling though, but at least you're out there and getting fit!

  • You are a runner if you run. If you want to see the various types of runner, shapes, sizes, ages, go to parkrun. Or failing that join a running club, I was amazed at how many people who go as slowly as I do are out there enjoying themselves....

  • Thanks folks. That's it..C25k say it...I'M A RUNNER!!! I'm running, even if it is very slowly, so yah boo sucks to the Lycra gazelles!๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒ

  • When I was doing C25K I used to think "when will I enjoy running?" I was waiting for a moment when I would feel light on my feet and bounding into the sunset. Now I have graduated, I feel it is satisfying through determination to achieve new things. If I compare myself to others, I am not a real runner but comparing who I am today to myself a year ago, it is unbelievable that I can run for 30 minutes and even go to parkrun. You are a real runner, you have worked hard, dressed the part and put in the time to get each run done. Be very satisfied, you stuck at it ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • I don't know - maybe try wearing Lycra.?

  • The fact that you ran in the rain means that you are a runner, don't worry about people running past you... Beats sitting on the couch!!!

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