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My first run outdoors

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was a bit of a disaster....

I decided to try my first run off the treadmill and out of the gym along this gorguss prom !

It didn't quite work out as I'd hoped as less than 5 minutes in, I simply couldn't breath and had to slow to a walk. I didn't give up tho and walked/walked with a spring to the end ( the wall as Bill laughingly called it) the prom did literally turn a corner and then stop!? and back again

Couldn't leave it like that tho - so on the day we left -I hadn't been able to sleep (bad traveller) so I got up and snook out for an early one. Didn't even realise it was still dark til I'd got out - the shutters were down! - so left my shades on the doormat. This time I had all your wise words ringing in my ears and I set of REALLY slowly, then I remembered the advice that you should be able to hold a conversation, to tell the plot of the latest movie - well I think the Spanish probably thought I'd lost the plot :) - as I decided to sing to myself as I ran ( well not really ran but...). It really seemed to work - I relaxed a little and my breathing was easier and I made it to 'the wall' - had a short walk and a drink, then managed to 'run' back to my starting point.

No idea how far I went, or how long it took but I did it. And was quite chuffed with myself for the rest of the day.

Have been on 2 short trips out since I got back, but still prefer the treadmill. I like having somewhere to put all my stuff - drink/tissues etc and I do actually love the numbers, I keep myself going by breaking it down into 5 minute chunks, going a little faster in the last 90s of each 5 mins, and at the end of each km if I can manage it. It's hard outside, not knowing how fast/far you're going but I will stick with it for one of each of my three runs as I do like being outside.

Still can't quite believe that was me - 'running' on holiday!! :)

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mmm - that didn't quite work as I tried to post 2 photos - one looking left and one right.. technically challenged - that's me!

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Hi jeley,

Lovely place for a run. Good that you listened to the advice and took it a bit slower - must have been a great sense of achievement. I think it's nice to get out and challenge yourself occasionally, and as for not knowing now far you've run, you could go on to mapmyrun afterwards and track how far you've run, or use an app on your phone to track how far and how fast - I'm sure someone on here would be able to suggest one. I've been running outside so far as I don't really get on with treadmills and I find outside is more interesting, but I may have to revise that decision as the nights draw in!

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I struggled with my first and only run outside at park run I love my treadmill too!

I'm hoping it's all in the mind will let you know agter this Saturday 😎

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thanks vivh61 but I don't carry anything with me when I run outside - like to be hands free :) Might get partner to cycle around after me - he can clock mileage on his bike gadget - and tell me ish how fast I'm going - and of course I'd have someone to talk to and not have to sing to myself!!

Best of luck on Saturday W1KSP - sure you'll be fine - run slower than slow and sing a little song!!

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Don't worry I have the same issue as well when ever we are away, as I do my running on a treadmill and likewise like the numbers! I also find it difficult to run outside, but I am told if you put the treadmill on a 1.5 incline it can help with the outside runs! Best of luck.

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Glad it's not just me - most on here seem to prefer to run outdoors.

Not sure I'm ready for inclines just yet - save that challenge for later I think!

Hi Jely. You could get a FlipBelt to put everything in for outdoor running. I much prefer running outdoors as I am a fresh air fiend and love the varity and sights during my runs. I go empty handed but am tempted to take my phone so I can mapmyrun and see my distances and times. I am off to France on Thursday so hoping to get runs done there too. Keep up the singing you're doing greatx

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cheers Siddorny

Bon Vaccances

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It's great to run on holidays. It keeps the habit in place, even if it's shorter/more walking etc. Good for getting out there.

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Well done! I believe the transition is not particularly easy in either direction. I've always run outdoors and when it came to running on the treadmill for my first ever gait analysis I know I was a source of great amusement to all who could see. And I really do know that as my daughter was with me. Trying very hard (unsuccessfully) not to snigger! ;)

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