W9R2 done - #nervous

Well. Tomorrow is the day I'll do W9R3 and I must say it feels a bit weird!

How have you all done after finishing the plan? I'm going away for the weekend so will be indulging in too much to eat & drink to celebrate lol but fully looking forward to the warm glow of knowing that I've done EVERY run and the satisfaction of a job done! I've cheated a bit (and by cheated I mean sometimes having done runs on consecutive days rather than religiously having a rest-day in-between) and I feel great for it!

Not sure what to concentrate on for my next week after coming back off hols. Try & run for longer and push myself to concentate on time running (eg try 35mins for 3 days, then 38 etc) or try & run quicker for 30mins than I have been so far.

How did you all feel when you"graduated"???? ;o)


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13 Replies

  • Hey Cooombsy, you are within touching distance of the finishing line :-)

    How did I feel when I graduated ? I felt like I had won the Champions League, the Boat Race, the Grand National, the Tour De France, Wimbledon etc., as you can probably gather , I felt AMAZING and so will you , Good Luck for tomorrow :-) xxx

  • How exciting! Your badge is waiting :-)

    It feels great to know you did it, especially when at the beginning the later weeks looked terrifying.

    Go for it...!

  • God yeah! Those 8 minute runs in week 4 or whatever really did terrify me when I looked ahead!!!

  • Hope you really enjoy your graduation run - best place to celebrate is right here because we all know what an amazing achievement it is!

  • yep this the place to brag, coz we all get it, unlike family sometimes, ( you begin to notice a glazed look when once again you wax lyrical over running !! ) as for what comes next, well I seem to be faddling about,but think just running for 5k however long it takes is going to be what I end up doing, then increasing distance bit by bit as it gets easy, but you never know, I could change my mind !

  • Well, post graduation I am thinking of starting the program again .... but up hills!

  • Blimey. Hills are not my friend!!

  • Nor mine!

    9 weeks ago I could not run downhill and now I can.... So why not try it uphill?

  • Good luck for w9r3 and your graduation. Why not spend a few weeks consolidating your achievements by running for 30mins each time whilst you decide what to do next.

  • Oh how amazing! Enjoy your last run of the plan! Graduation! Whoop whoop!

  • Good luck with your final run. You can do it!

  • Done it!!!! Very pleased and as we're on holiday this wknd I'm having an ice cold pint of cider to celebrate!!!!!

    Feeling very proud of myself I must admit

  • Yay , Congratulations ! All the very best to you , and enjoy your drink , you have earned it ! :-) xxx

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