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Is this really possible?


I've just finished the Week 1 Run 1 - the first bit of running i've done in over 5 years! It was more difficult than I expected (I didn't have difficulty with it, I'm just surprised) which has discouraged me a bit - I used to be very active but now i'm having second thoughts! I won't give up but i'm just wondering how hard this will get?! How did you all feel after your first run?

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Congratulations TOOS on starting C25K with run 1 of week 1, that is the hardest part, getting off the couch and getting your first run completed, many people think like you that first run is the hardest. Please don't give up, take all the runs slowly, no hurry, you can also repeat any runs or weeks if you want.

Thanks for the support! It most definitely is the hardest part lol!


After my first run I felt like calling the police for 8 counts of attempted murder!

It got easier, especially when I slowed it down!

Well done getting through it and enjoy the journey... you can do it.

Hahaha your comment made me laugh out loud! Thanks for the support :)


Don’t panic ! The first run sets your baseline: it shows you truthfully how fit (or not) you are and gives you a clearer picture of what you need to do. Most people tackle it too hard and too fast. Well done for getting through it ⭐️ You will manage this and at least some of it will be fun. We’re all right here behind you. Happy running 😀

Thanks for the support! Yes I totally agree, it's taught me i'm a lot more out of shape than I anticipated lol! I need to adjust my mindset from "this looks easy" to "I will have to work hard!" :)

ButtercupKidGraduate in reply to TotallyOutOfShape

Some days will seem miraculously good and others will feel impossibly hard, but every time you go out there you’ll get fitter and stronger. Just take your time each run - embrace your inner snail, as they say around here ! You’ll soon be making progress x

I think I shall follow your advice and embrace my inner snail, everyone has to start from somewhere, right! Looking forward to the miraculously good runs and the progress :D x


Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

You were probably going way too fast. follow the instructions on the app/podcasts and in the guide and you will be running for thirty minutes in just a few weeks time.

Enjoy your journey.

Thanks for the support! I don't think I was going too fast, I was jogging slower than my brisk walking. I used to run a lot (yeats ago!) so in my head I thought "this will be easy" but I don't think I realised how out of shape I am - I think I'm just worried because it's going to be harder than I anticipated! Eeek.

IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to TotallyOutOfShape

Could you speak clear ungasping sentences as you jogged?......if not, you were going too fast.

As you probably know, stamina is built by slow running.

Yes I could (I went alone but was sort of whistling/humming to my music), if I jogged any slower then I would be slow walking - I think it's just a shock to my system more than anything (have not done any exercise in 5 years) - I'm just worried how I will cope with the upcoming weeks as I'm already going as slowly as possible on the first run :S

IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to TotallyOutOfShape

C25k is designed for people like some posts and you will soon see that it works.

I’m right behind you, TOOS. I’m starting tomorrow and expect to have the same feeling as you BUT...we’ll read the programme, we’ll take it slowly and we WILL get there. Eventually.

Good luck to you 😄👍🏼🏃🏻‍♀️

Thanks Pennycat! Good luck! It's really not as bad as I'm making it sound lol i'm just a ginormous wimp! Let me know how your first run goes :D

I will, thanks 😉👍🏼

ForestGrump63Graduate in reply to TotallyOutOfShape

I’d not done any exercise since school and I’m 55 (twagged PE most lessons so counting that is a stretch really) I’m on wk4, finding it hard but didn’t expect it to be easy and tbh the 5 min runs I do now are no harder for me than the 60 second runs were in wk1. That tells me I’m progressing well. The next step up will be hard and the ones after that, but I’m gaining confidence that I can do this. It won’t be easy, but tbh it would be boring if it was easy 😊

That's amazing progress, congrats on getting half way through! You are so right about it being boring if it were easy. It's encouraging how you compared the week 1 and week 4 runs, I hope to get to that level of progress as well! :)

ForestGrump63Graduate in reply to TotallyOutOfShape

You will 👍

ForestGrump63Graduate in reply to TotallyOutOfShape

Run 3 of the sets are usually my “smile runs”

I will look forward to run 3 of week 1 then :D


Yes it’s possible. I had never run since school - I’m early 50s now - and done no exercise in over 20 years before starting in late March. I’m now a graduate of this programme and the 10k programme.

Just keep going slowly and running three times a week, have faith in your heart and lungs and legs being designed for this, and don’t listen to the gremlins in your mind which will tell you that you can’t do it. You can and you will.

Enjoy the next run x

That's amazing! Congrats! So encouraging to hear it's worked for people! You are totally right about our bodies being designed for this. Thanks for the support and advice :) x


I thought I was going to die when I ran the first 60sec of run 1, luckily I didn’t. I’ve just completed week 1 and ran all of them reasonably easily. I’ve learnt to go really slow. I’m actually looking forward to Tuesday and w2r1. You can do this.

That's great news! Hopefully I will follow in your footsteps (no pun intended!) and start looking forward to the runs :) thanks for the support


Hiya, I've not read any of the replies you've received... But I bet they all say the same thing....

You have just completed the hardest run in the program and it does get better!!

I seriously thought someone would call an Ambulance, when they saw me attempting the first run, but I equally enjoyed it (I'm abit warped like that lol)

I'm now about to start Wk8, something I thought would not be possible for someone like me.

This plan works, but the key is slow and steady, which enables you to build up your fitness levels and stamina...

Trust the plan and belive in yourself.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Enjoy your running journey

Lol! The part about the ambulance made me laugh out loud! That's incredible to hear how far you've come since the first run to week 8, you are so close to finishing the course! Really encouraging news! Thanks for the support, gives me hope I can complete it like you will :)


Definitely stick with it; I was a 4+ year lapsed runner, took way more than 9 weeks because I have had a mad- busy year but have graduated and absolutely loving it though not even doing quite 5k in 30mins yet - thats my next goal. You will get it back, probably quicker than you think - stick with the program, repeat any runs or weeks that you really struggle with and enjoy!

Edited to add, after reading other replies, try singing a few bars of the music aloud to check your not going too fast. ( the local cows love it, the farmers probably not so much, haha)

TotallyOutOfShape in reply to Hidden

Congrats on finishing the course! What a great goal to work towards! Nice to hear someone who has had a similar break in running has finished it, very encouraging! :) I hope to "get my groove back" soon lol. Haha great idea! Maybe I will try that - so long as nobody is around, I don't want to make anyones ears bleed lol


I'm 57 and I did Week 9 Run 1 this morning. Not only does it get better, it gets easier too.


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