W3R2 completed!

Well look at me getting up before 6 to go running (more of a shuffle really, but hey you got to start somewhere). It is wonderful to be out while everyone else is still fast asleep. The 3 minutes was manageable this run because I paced myself a lot better. I made a conscious effort to keep it slow. Although I did speed it up a bit on the 2nd 3 minute run because some fella was getting into his car to go to work, and I wanted him to see how 'good' I was, lol. I soon felt my heart rate speed up I can tell you, but carried on going till he pulled off.

I am keeping Laura's words in my head, that she will get me through this if I work steadily through the programme.

Have a great day everyone, wherever you are along your journey :D


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  • I am not a person who goes out early either but have managed it 3 times now and it is different to the evening.Well done for finishing your run.I am on week8( never thought I would say that) and can tell you it does work!I get a lot of support from this forum not necessarily by responses to my posts,which are great, but from the experiences and advice of other runners. So keep coming back and good luck!

  • I'm in the same place as you tea breaks and totally agree when you get your pace sorted it all starts to drop into place, I'm not bothered about speed at this point just to keep going

    I'm thinking about switching from evenings to mornings any advice

  • Thanks both. I agree pot58, I find the forums a mine of information and encouragement. I don't reply to posts much yet because to be honest, I don't know what I'm talking about. But I read them all, over and over.

    Fild, that's great that you are in the same place as me :)

    As far as morning running goes, I would just say be aware of your safety. I wouldn't go running down a country lane first thing in the morning, I run around our local streets. You never know who's coming home from a night out (at least they are around my area). But it's sooooo much cooler and I love the fact that I get to see a part of the day that lots of people don't. This morning I just crawled out of bed, dressed, brushed my teeth, ran comb through hair and out the door. I don't think I even washed my face.

  • Well done teabreaks.......and I'm just loving your username! You've summed up the key components of the plan.....go slow and steady (don't worry about speeding up to impress the car driver......we've all done that at some point), and trust in Laura.....these things will get you through to graduation. Happy running.

  • Thankyou Amber. Yes, it was daft, and I knew it was daft, lmao

  • Well done for keeping going, slow and steady is really what it's about to avoid injury. Good luck with the rest of the plan

  • Thankyou so much! Today was the first day that I had a tiny bit of belief in myself at the end of the run.

  • Slow shuffle is fine. I love a slow shuffle on my runs. It's what it takes to eat up the miles. Anyway it's about finishing the run Teabreaks so no worries.

  • Teabreaks I don,t do slow shuffle, I promote the style of sedated snail ! I graduated 2 weeks ago and still only run 1k in 10 minutes ( on a good day that is !! ) Who cares, not me

  • Grannyjudes, that is just fine with me! Sedated snail, lol! You are all such brilliant examples to me :)

  • I still shuffle! But hey, we are shuffling with style and determination! Good luck and have faith in the programme, it's brilliant :)

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