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Sometimes its just rubbish

Since I started C25K, I have only had 2 days that I can say have been poor. Both of them have come since graduation. Perhaps it is a motivational thing or perhaps its coincidental, who knows.

What I do know is that this does occasionally happen and I wont beat myself up about it.

You may have guessed that one of those days was today. My last run was the weekend 10k. I normally start the week with a shorter faster run so hadn't reset runtracker from this. The program kept chirping in at 0.25km intervals and after 0.75km, it was so annoying that I had to stop and reset for a normal run.

I got started again and it was going quite well until the niggling voice started about 5 minutes in. I can normally run through this but today, it didnt happen so I stopped and walked for a few minutes. When I started up again I just couldnt get into it.

I walked for a bit more until I got to where I reckoned my 1km from the finish is and set off on a faster run, intent on doing something.

I did complete but felt as if I hadnt done much today.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, it just doesnt happen but I do recall that when I last had the gremlins, the run after was my best ever.

Keep on keeping on and hold the thought of where you were when you first started should you encounter a difficult day.

Happy running or resting folks

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"Keep on keeping on and hold the thought of where you were when you first started should you encounter a difficult day." I love that thought, I had a difficult run today and definitely should have reminded myself of that.....those blasted gremlins were having a field day in my I'm sure they planted lead in my legs for good measure! But I did manage to pull through and run for 30 minutes! It was my first post grad run, and I think I needed to run the whole 30 mins in order to proof to myself that it was not all a one off flook that I had completed the plan and was a 'runner'. So thanks for reminding me that I have come a long way, that there will be more days like these and to be a bit kinder to myself. It's funny, I'm great at telling others these things.....but crap at taking my own advice!!

Happy running.


I think we all excel at that particular talent Amber :-) .

I also like the mantra that any run is better than none.

Good luck with your post grad runs. Set yourself a target. So many dont and fall back into bad habits.


We all have off days but well done for sticking with it and at least getting some running done. Sometimes your body just knows when it needs that bit of extra rest and isn't in the mood. Good luck with your next run


Thank you. Perhaps you are right.

Next run best be good as it may be my last for 10 days or so as I am on hols as of Saturday. Have been toying with taking my running shoes with me tho....


I would always pack the shoes you never know when you might be able to sneak in an early morning run ;)


This is true. I mentioned this to Mrs R56 and she had already incuded my running gear on her holiday list !!!

Thank goodness someone is organised :D


I find I struggle early on so I do longer warm up walks now. If I feel like I want to quit, I just walk til I get my breath then crack on and finish the job. I might have to walk several times but that's ok by me if it means I finish


Thats not a bad plan. I have a feeling it may not have worked for me today though. Just one of those days I suppose......


Looks like you and I had a similar day; the head gremlins got us and it was a real struggle. I think that sometimes we forget how much we are pushing ourselves in a relatively short pace of time. I know that, for whatever reason, my body said 'fu@k you'! So I spent this morning running because I felt guilty and walking when I was too tired/couldn't be arsed! It was a head/body battle that went on for over an hour!

As you say, the run after a bad run is normally brilliant, so hopefully we'll be feeling more positive next time round :)


Fingers crossed mousey. You are right of course. Its only been around 12 -13 weeks since the start. Not a lot of time at all.


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