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W9R1 - bit of an up and down one!


So I felt really good about going to run today. I hydrated well yesterday and this morning. I walked to the gym, it’s about 1.6km, so counted that as my warm up.

I wanted to attack week 9 and feel good about it. I’d felt like I still had something to give at the end of my runs last week, so I started off faster than I had been. The pace needed to do 5km in 30 mins.

Turned out this was too fast. I kept it up for the first 1km, or 6 minutes. I then slowed right down for the next 10 minutes and struggled through. There was a point where I thought I couldn’t do it anymore, but I kept going.

Last 10 minutes I sped back up to my ‘normal’ pace, going slightly faster for the last 2 minutes again.

It was tough, and I won’t be making that mistake again. Glad I got through it though! I kept walking until I got to 5k, and this was in just under 39 minutes.

2 more runs to go!

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Well done for getting through it.

Sounds like a tough one, but at least you've learned where you went wrong and can avoid doing the same thing next time. I find it's always better to start of slowly and settle into the run than to set out too quick. If you think about it professional athletes are no different, they start off slower and pick up the pace towards the end.

Enjoy your next run

Sortyourlife in reply to Alanist

Yeah I’ve definitely learnt and I’m so relieved I got through it.

And very true! Thanks :)


Well done Sortyourlife! You did it and we all keep on learning as we run! So great job! Enjoy your next penultimate run!! 😁😁😁! Yes!❤️

Thank you :)

Well done on getting there. Good to experiment with pace etc too. The podium is in sight, nearly there!

Aw thank you :) and yeah , definitely learned not to mess with it too much now though’


Chin up, slow down and you CAN get there! It’s literally just running. That’s all it is. It’s gritty it’s hard but everyone can do it. I’m on w7 and struggle days and wake up and think I can’t be bothered but I dragged myself out. Keep up the brilliant work!!

Sortyourlife in reply to Hidden

I just need to run at my normal pace not even slow down lol! I just wanted to attack week 9 with all I had but hey it wasn’t to be. I still made it through and I think I actually can keep up this running stuff now! :)

Enjoy! Tbh I can’t say there’s any weeks I’ve preferred over others, but it just feels nice knowing that I can run for a longer length of time than I ever thought possible :) there was no way I thought I could do 4 25 minute runs, but I’ve done all of them, 3 28 minute ones and now 1 30 minute one too. All whilst writing a dissertation and being here there and everywhere whilst the suns still shining!

Enjoy your next run x


You sound like a very busy person! I’ve had the knee pains/ leg pains, chafing nothing too fun but some how managed I smash through. I’m not sure how. We all need to stick together on here and i do think it helps. I’m not particularly “social media” but this seems to be all positive which I love.

Sortyourlife in reply to Hidden

Yep I’ve also experienced the knee pain (it used to pop out of place when I was younger, not so much now but I have had the occasional twinge.... tbh I think this might just be down to weight more than anything). Shin splints were terrible for me earlier on too, glad to see they seem to have stopped (I even used to get them walking to school, I just walked too quickly lol).

And yeah very positive :) don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone say a bad word. Keep it up x


😎 absolutely. Well I hope you keep us all updated with your progress.

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