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Odd run

I've just got back from an odd run.

It was odd in the sense that I achieved a personal best time of a mile in 10 minutes 57 seconds which is a minute faster than my previous best and between 1.5-2 minutes faster than my average. And it was uphill for the end of the first mile too. But I found I just couldn't keep going and had to stop several times to walk - which I never normally do.

After a while I paused Endomondo when I was walking and started it again when I tried running again. After 3 miles I stopped and walked the rest of the way home feeling frustrated with myself

I don't know if it was a psychological thing. Because I had walked briefly on the very steep bit, maybe it meant that I hadn't "run" the whole thing which may have made it easier to stop and walk again?

Or it may have just been a physical thing. I hadn't intended to run the first mile faster than normal but it was a different, more public route so I may have been trying to go faster subconsciously - and I may just have tired myself out too soon. And then there was the steep bit that really took it out of me.

I came back thinking I had failed and that it was a "bad" run but my husband argues that I should be celebrating my personal best instead.

I think I'm worried that if I start stopping and walking then I won't be able to make myself keep going and I'll keep "giving up" and then those 9+ weeks of training will be wasted :-(

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I agree with your husband! Celebrate your PB. It does sound like you went off a bit fast (know that feeling!) which then makes the rest of the run tougher but you did 3 miles!!! Nothing shabby about that! Also, as the weather is warmer (well it is here) that too could have had an impact.

I'm sure the next one will be fine we all have runs that aren't 100% fab BUT remember what you did achieve!!!!!


Thank you - it was warmer and also quite windy as well which made it a bit harder.


The numbers don't lie! One way or the other it is your personal best though I completely understand the nagging frustration its only natural.

I can't work out at all how my feelings about a run relate to my times. Somedays I feel like I can hardly put one foot in front of another and I still do a good time; whilst others I think I must be flying and my pace is slightly unimpressive :-)

At the end of the run though the time is the time no matter what.

Next rum you won't stop you'll see then it will all feel OK again :-D


When I checked Endomondo after I had written this post it said I'd done the 3 miles as a personal best too - even with the walking! I just hope I can do the next run without stopping.


thats fantastic. have to agree with what greg says about tough runs sometimes being good times. that was my run yesterday it was tough all the way round and for most of it i wanted to walk but wouldn't let myself as knew i'd not be able to start running again.

i'm sure the next run will be fine!


I wouldn't see it as a failure, more like interval training. I'm not sure what the content of the graduate podcasts will be, but it will no doubt involve periods of faster running interspersed with periods of slow jogging/walking. As your body gets used to running faster, you will be able to keep it up for longer. At the end of the day, you dragged your ass out and ran 3 miles, how many lazy beggars can say they did that today?


Thanks Adders! You're right - at least I went out and did it and I suppose I could count it as a form of interval training - I hadn't thought of that :-)


I've been doing a Bridge to 10K programme that takes you back to running/walking intervals for a bit, and found I was faster doing that than running the same distance without walking! I have a marathon-running colleague who says he always stops to walk at several points during a race - and does a damn good time too!

Don't stress or analyse too much though - next time will be different!


Totally agree. The first time I was fit, I was told "fitness is not about how knackered you get, but how fast you recover". As I was coming through the program I found I covered more distance in w5r2 than w5r3 despite the walking breaks.


Yes like Adders has said look at it as a form of interval training, that kind of puts a different perpective on it. Well done on your PB :)


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