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Week 5 run 3. The first big one!

Hi all. New on here, but seems like a good place to share experiences. I successfully completed the week 5 run 3, the 20 minute run. I worked out I went about 2.8k, so a little over 8k/h (5m/h).

It has probably taken me 7 weeks to complete the first 5 weeks, but as it increases I reckon I'll have to stick more closely to 3 runs a week to progress.

I feel great about it though, definitely get the endorphin hit. I get home and my senses seem enhanced. Super clarity of vision. I'd be interested to know how it makes others feel.

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Ah the dreaded week 5 run 3, well done for getting that one under your belt., it feels like a corner has been turned when you do that one. Happy running.


Yes, I always just feel great after a run. Chatty (which isn't particularly normal!), happy and energized.

Now I know why my dog goes nuts after a walk when I'm expecting her to lay down exhausted....now the dog and me go nuts around the house together after a run!

Great progress, keep going :-)

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Yes it makes me chatty too, when I'm not normally. Maybe a run the best thing to do before an interview - allowing for shower time.


That's a great idea .... a job that involves public speaking perhaps, but one you can do on running days only!


Well done, I certainly remember that first 20 minute run, that was the time that I really began to think "oooh I feel like I could be a runner". I got back from that particular run on an absolute high....felt on top of the world and you could not shut me up. On my walk home I wanted to tell everyone of my achievement! In fact I burst into a sprint for the last 100metres! Not done that kinda thing for about 35 years!

Good luck with your next week, happy running.


Well done on getting so far. I too feel on a high after a run.

Longer runs from now on. Happy running


Congratulations! Whoop whoop! It's an amazing achievement isn't it running for 20 minutes! Just take week 6 steady and you'll enjoy it :-)


I have just done w5 run1.It was not too bad.When it says it time to cool down I was surprised that the run was over. I was still full of beans. I could go for another 5 mins.


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