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Week 5 run 3: The big one (again)

Despite completing the programme a few times in the past, each time having to retire due knee injuries, it is still difficult to get over that mental block of running for twenty minutes without stopping.

Ive managed to get through the five weeks with nothing more than a few niggles here and there. But today, week 5 run 3 was really easy. The most difficult part was the boredom from my running mate been away on holiday.

My apple watch told me my heart rate never went over 170. I always found in the past, maybe because i was pushing myself too hard, my heart rate would be up in the high 180s. The longer i ran, the more it crept up.

Today was good, i was glad it was over, but i knew i could have carried on for another ten minutes if i wanted to.

I have been ultra disciplined though, no running ahead. No trying to up the pace. Just nice and steady.

I'm hoping my knees are going to be good tomorrow!!

Onwards to week 6.

For those who havent done the final run of week 5, remember its all *psychological*...

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I've just read through some of your posts. Your persistence is quite something. A huge well done to you for getting this run done again and good luck for the rest of the programme.


thanks ;)


Youve prompted me to look through my old posts... Hard to imagine myself all that time ago....


Hurrah for you!


Well done - keep saying the mantra "slow and steady". Good luck with next week.


Good Luck Gaz, you have overcome some major obstacles, Well done !

Keep going, youre doing great ! :-) xxx


You must have been pushing hard for a heart right that high! It does say to do C25k slowly! Go steady and you'll get through the programme this time. Fingers crossed for you x

If you are bored with your running then find a new route! Mix things up and keep your runs fresh and interesting.

Good luck!


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