Totally terrified newbie......only bleedin' graduates!!!!!!

Hi guys, yep I did it!!! I cannot believe it but I graduated this morning with my beautiful 8 year old daughter for company.

So there we are, it is true, c25k works. It really really does!

Best of luck to all on their journey, I am going to celebrate by getting up at 5 am and going running for 4 miles on Wednesday!

Thanks to everyone who helped me at the start when I was terrified and sure I couldn't do it. You are all marvellous.

Can't believe it but I DID IT!!!!!!!!!



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27 Replies

  • Fantastic e174! Well done.

  • Well done em. You trusted the programme and can now reap the benefits :D

    Good luck in your future running

  • Thank you so much. Am very much treating this as a beginning not an end. Onwards and forwards at more than a snails pace now!


  • Yay! Well done, Em, that's brilliant news; huge congratulations!

    And an early, four-mile run; what better way to celebrate?! :D


  • Thanks miles, Just reading your hills post you mad man!!! Maybe I shall join you in tackling the Inclinous Friends, but for now will settle for gentle slopes and longer runs.

    Thanks for all your encouragement along the way. Without wishing to use a hackneyed phrase have been very inspiring!


  • Thank you, Em! :-)

    Gentle slopes and longer runs are all good; you've got the running bug now so any running is fantastic! :-) Enjoy your celebratory run on Wednesday! :-)

  • Oh very many congratulations Em!!! Very very well done indeed! That's brilliant news!

    Liking your celebration plans too :-)

    Cool Runnings to you!

  • Thanks so much, still can't quite believe it. Feeling the love for the lovely c25kers today let me tell you!


  • :-)

  • Well done, that's a great achievement. It still seems a long way for me. I'm just out for week 5 run 1 this morning once kids are off to school.

    How lovely for you to have a companion too, I bet she was a really enthusuiastic coach and is very proud of you too.

    Well done again.

  • Well done on getting to week 5. It is a real milestone for most people, it is when you realise that you can do it.

    Keep up the brilliant work and I look forward to congratulating you on your graduation in a few weeks!


    Ps daughter was brilliant, sometimes you just really have to love kids......of course then the 'attitude' kicks back in and you remember why you want to throttle them a lot of the time!!!!!!

  • Many congratulations. Have you thought about Parkrun? I love being overtaken by 8 year olds and it really develops youngsters as runners.

    Good luck with your future running.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Yep park run in my sights but still battling 'I can't run in front of other people' demons - hence running at 5am! I think Francesca would love a park run though so might try and get brave!!


  • Well done! Many congratulations! Great achievement :)

  • Congratulations, well done

  • Congratulations Emilie - it seems no time at all since you started and just look what you can do now!

    4 miles sounds quite a jump up - make sure you don't try to do too much too soon . You don't want to risk injury.

    Well done!

  • Will do, have been doing 3 1/2 miles comfortably (Inc warm ups etc) so I think 4 miles achievable. We'll see. For now basking in glory of shiny new graduate badge!

    Thanks for all support, really is very gratefully received!


  • Brilliant news Emilie :) Keep up the good work, and don't disappear :)

  • Oooh well done...I also graduated this's a great feeling. Wear that shiney badge with pride.

  • Lovely for you to have your daughter with you! WELL DONE BOTH OF YOU :)

  • Well done! You mightn't believe it, but YOU did it, YOU got out there and YOU can run for 30 minutes non-stop... Congratulations on your well earned shiny badge! I love the fact we have new graduates joining the ranks every week - proof positive that this programme works... Go you!

  • Thanks all of you. Have spent all day floating around being nice to everyone!!!

    Have a lovely evening all



  • Really well done to both you and your daughter. That shiny badge suits you :)

  • Thanks Am. And thanks to you and everyone for all your support and advice and encouragement throughout. Never underestimate how valuable it all is!


  • Excellent news!! We are all so proud of you.

    Did your daughter run the whole prog with you, or did she just go on the last run?

    A built-in running partner for years to come!!

  • Thanks so much for that. C25kers my favourite people at the moment!!

    Francesca is what you might term a 'casual runner', she likes the idea of doing it regularly but can't really be bothered that often! Suits me as running is about the only hour of the day that no one wants anything! Me time......which is otherwise in bl***y short supply. It was lovely to have her there for my graduation run and am so pleased to have joined the ranks of the graduated.


  • Casual runners have a nasty nack of becoming serious ones. A wee lass in our village used to potter round with her cycling dad ~ I saw her earlier as she flew by on her bike and on her own, and she was running bl@@dy fast the other day as well.

    Watch Francesca, she may well get the bug!!

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