Couch to 5K

Calling all C25k Graduates- Help !!

I've just finished my last run !!!! Yah so proud of myself !

But what now ?? I'm really scared I'll go back to my old ways.. help..

I've found these podcasts just brilliant, because you have something to work towards, that goal of 30 mins, which in the beginning seems a life time away...

Now I've done it I want to carry on, I really want to build on all the hard work, I need another goal... more podcasts, someone telling me to keep going.. when I really don’t want to ..

I've been looking for the B210K but can’t find it, can anyone help. Or can someone recommend another podcast to use ?

Thank you to everyone on this site, you’ve all been a massive inspiration and kept me going on all those rainy, cold, frosty and windy days...

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Hi chicken

if you message me with your email address I can email over the B210K podcasts, but I would recommend running the 30 minutes for another couple of weeks until you are completely comfortable with this, as the first B210K is 4x10min runs.

perhaps, if you havent reached 5k yet, aim for that first & then move up. I have a medley of music from the last 40years & am happy to email that over aswell. lots of bits of music rather than thinking "another 3mins til the end of this song"

congratulations C25K graduate :)


Hi Shelley, I'm in the same position as chicken and wondered whether you would mind sending me the podcasts, too? All best wishes, Kathryn


Congratulations Chicken! Yes I think Laura should make a new set of podcasts to help the graduates keep going.

I have the same set of B10K podcasts as Shelley, I can't ever email them, they just won't go on msn!! Hopefully Shelley has had better luck!

You will find as you go further on, that you can re-use the old C25K podcasts as timings for interval runs etc, (run slow on the walking parts, run faster on the running parts). Even the B210k where you do blocks of longer time running can be used again varying speed.

Don't stop!!



Ive suggested B210K podcasts as a Poll to see if there would be enough interest. it seems a shame that this gets you running & then you dont know what to do next


I just went with repeating week nine for a few weeks.

Eventually I just found, as my confidence improved, I changed route, extended little by little, varied the terrain. Just tried stuff out.

Eventually I could go 10k and now I am back at the "just trying stuff out stage" again. Having a bit of fun :-D. No really!

I suppose it depends if you need a program then the others have pointed you the right way. I just enjoyed the moment for a while.

You have enough fitness now just to play with it for a while, join patkrun, do a race or two, relax and enjoy the achievement!


Firstly WELL DONE! I too finished my last run on Friday and although I was elated a bit of me was scared that I'd fall into my old slovenly ways!!! I am just going to download some decent music and go for it on my own and see how it goes before I do the B210k , there is no way I can run 10 k, I'm no where near 5 k yet!!! Good luck and keep us posted Chicken :)


Well done! Try and up either your distance or pace (if you know it) by 10% a week. And set yourself a goal eg to do a 5k race within a month or so or whatever. Runners World website is good - you can get a personalised training plan (no cost) depending on what you want to achieve.


Congratulations, I've just been catching up on posts. Well done. I'm going through my music collection, making up 40minute files to run to. Also, if you are up for it the Park runs seem a good idea as they are not races, just runs. Google Park Runs and find out if there is one near you. Good luck with whatever you decide.


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