Couch to 5K

Totally terrified newbie -week 3 done and done!

Woohoo week 3 just finished and on a really good run! Lovely morning, although rain is on the way now, town asleep and unaware of unfit (although getting fitter) mad woman running around. running well and comfortably, feeling motivated and happy .... Doesn't get much better than that!

Do any other of you ladies under 50 find it can be a lot more tricky at certain times in the..... Ahem.....'lunar cycle'? The bloated feeling and, for me anyway, increased emotional 'sensitivity' letting the negativity demons in? Used to cure these symptoms with chocolate but now it seems running has a better effect!!! Who knew!

Anyway, have a lovely weekend all, I can't wait for week 4 now!


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Morning e174, congrats on finishing w3. Feels good doesn't it? Have a fab day


Well done, and sounding so upbeat as well! Hope it continues to go well for you.


Yes that monthly event is a pain in the bum and I have to fit running around it as I can't go out during the first few days of the hellish event for fear of passing out. But I am aware I am not normal :)

Congratulations on finishing week 3 it does get a little addictive.


Congratulations on finishing week 3! I don`t really have the bloating issues you discussed during that dreaded monthly event. I suffer from some rather unfortunate lower torso pains and combining them with the dreaded week 6 this past week made for 3 of my worst runs. But I`m glad you find the running is helping! Congrats again on finishing week 3!


Well done on completing week 3 - it's an achievement as you are now one third of the way through the programme. Week 4 is a nice week to do - it's when I first started to realise I could get somewhere with the running. It's a bit jump up to 5 minutes of running but very achievable and I hope you'll enjoy it. Good luck with your next run and best wishes.


Well done on getting through week three, Em; a big achievement indeed. Keep running and keep up the good work! :-)


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