Totally terrified newbie triumphant!!!

Just a quick note to say........ W1R1 done and done!!! Actually i found It pretty comfortable and even ran on through the last walk gap Into the last run with no problems at all.

My worst fears - being seen and laughed at - came to nothing. Saw 2 other joggers (hee hee, 'other' sounds good to me..... I am a jogger!) both smiled and nodded. I tried to look cool but am fairly sure i Just looked red and a bit frightened. Also saw some random homeless chap in the park which is literally unheard of in our little seaside town so will have to go back out in a bit to see if he is ok.

Also, Although i was aware if my thighs and bottom they didn't seem to be quite as bad as i thought they were going to be, which got rid of the worst of the self consciousness.

Anyway, getting Back to my point........which was? Oh yes THANKS. To all the lovely people on here who were so brilliant yesterday while I was having a massive wobble about starting this. Genuinely your kindness and encouragement got me out if bed at 6am on a bank holiday to do my run and now i feel like i could Actually do this!

I know it is just a start but It feels brilliant to have done It and now I can't wait for wednesday.

Thanks again, i am going to like being part of your group!!!


Ps please excuse random capital letters, can't get to grip with stupid predictive text on new tablet!!! Will be mocked by 8 year old daughter for this!


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  • Well done. That first step is possibly the biggest. Now, That feeling of triumph that you have? Capture it and hold it. That's what gets you out of the door next time. There will be tough moments, but they will be followed by equal joy. Don't forget to report back as you go forward!

  • Thanks for that and will do. Never used forums for support like this ....can quite see why people do! Makes a massive difference


  • Well done e174, you finished your run with something left in the tank, that's some achievement. Enjoy basking in your warm glow of success. You now KNOW you can do it. You ARE a runner.

  • Oh, and another thing.... Other joggers will never laugh at you, they're too busy pushing themselves just like you are! Next time, try the 'jogger's wave' as you pass. just a small acknowledgement that we're all in this together.

  • I see the Runner's Wave as similar to the Motorcyclist's Nod: a greeting to a friend on the road, always there if you should need them and a nod/wave of encouragement to make one smile. My own Runner's Wave is to lift my water bottle to around shoulder height and give it a little wave/nod in the direction of my fellow/ess runner and give it a jaunty wave: rather like doffing one's hat as if to say: "hello there, running friend; what a fine day it is. Good luck, happy running and cheerio..." that sort of thing. :-)

  • Well done Em, what you've done this morning is a big achievement: the first of very many you'll have on this program! :-)

    Glad you managed to get through the wobble and get out there; you went running, did you not? You plan to again? And again? Therefore, you ARE a runner. Greetings, fellow(ess!) runner! Try not to worry about feeling self conscious (easier said than done, I'm well aware!) as it's really only you who notices such things; others going about their business won't give it a second thought. The more you run, as you progress through C25K, the more your confidence will soar and the better you'll feel. Early mornings are best for that I feel: far fewer people about and those that are milling about are usually tired and preoccupied anyway.

    The biggest hurdle is out of the way now: actually getting out of the door for run one: it's the most difficult part, which you've now done and are now no longer in unfamiliar territory! :-)

    As an aside, predictive text/auto-correct, is a pain in the hamstring and should be sent back whence it came, immediately. I'd never mock anyone for having an auto-correct malfunction; it happens oh so easily!

    Congratulations on completing your first run: feel proud! :-)

  • Hee hee, going to spend all day at work tomorrow perfecting my 'jogger's wave'. Will try it give it a cool, devil may care twist with a wry nod to the pain of keeping fit!


    Weirdly iPhone predictive text miles better than tablet. Far be it from me to praise the evil apple but they certainly best the competition on this one!

  • Oh deeply envious of anyone who can conquer those week 1 sessions so easily!

    One tiny little suggestion though, although it is fabulous to see someone experiencing the exhilaration so soon... there are lots of ways into running, but my observation from two years reading here is that the NHS C25K programme works best when you just do the programme rather than just running as much as possible. It's not all about having to be coached into being able to run longer, it is also about helping you to avoid injury. Even the very fit use intervals as a training method.

  • Ahh right, Thanks for the tip. I have a bit of a history with overdoing excercise too soon, getting shattered and demoralized! Will do as the marvelous laura says and not spoil it for myself! Thanks for caution and encouragement! All so much appreciated


  • If you know that about yourself, even more crucial to Listen to Laura! If you are inclined to do more, then hunt up the NHS stretch and tone podcast and incorporate that thoroughly. More still? Get a pilates app and play around with it. Or yoga. Or swimming, or whatever else that isnt running!

  • Will do, and will just calm down a bit and not go too mad!

    Anything worth doing takes time!!


  • well done, sound like you did brilliantly, its never as bad as you expect! :)

  • Well done on getting that first run out of the way - the hardest part is now done. I would echo Googleme and KittyKat though - best to stick to the programme as it is to avoid injury. If you do get over-enthusiastic then some sort of low impact exercise for your non-running days would help to keep you motivated and help to avoid the risk of injury. I walk, cycle and do Pilates - all of which keep me moving without over-exercising the running muscles. Good luck with yur next run and best wishes.

  • Brilliant to hear of your success sure to follow what Laura says ....she knows whereof she speaks that girl! The whole programme is so. Well researched, down to the walks in between the runs and especially, the rest day/s in between. Keep posting to let us know how you're your little girl is proud of her mummy!

  • Thanks for that and yes will definitely do as I am told by lovely Laura! Not sure if proud is the word but my daughter quite keen to join in! Promised she can come on a park run when I graduate!

    Thanks again for support, really has helped!

    Onwards and upwards ......or forwards at a gentle jog!!


  • Will be doing my first run tonight so it was lovely to read your post - well done you you should be really proud of yourself! Xxx

  • Best of luck, you will be fine!! It is miles easier than you think it is going to be.....apart from battling stupid self conciousness demons!!

    Let us know how you get on



  • Good luck for tonight....will be thinking of you!

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