Delayed graduation- injury- totally gutted:(

Feeling really down and a little stupid:( I have added some hill work the last couple of runs and pushed myself a bit harder than I should ( not experienced to know yet when is 'good' pushing and when is 'just being stupid') and seemingly everything is pointing to groin strain injury. I can't even walk the dogs without getting pain and was 3 runs off graduatioon *sigh* So I am going to book in to see a physio next week.

So just wanted to remind everybody to not get cocky and silly and push yourself too hard as I did as it can lead to injury and disappointment:(

Good luck to all and hope to join the graduates soon , Beth x


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  • I feel for you being so close. I have just been reminded not to push to hard to soon and will take your warning on board, bit by bit and the rest will come, I was going to push harder next time out but will just stick with what works and avoid the injury, wishing you a speedy recovery.

  • Yes, please just be careful Paul 727... I am desperate to get out running and I can't and it is just awful:( Steady and slow is the way to go.... that is turning into my mantra :)

  • Well runningfortherainbow, you can look at this two ways. Yes, you have delayed your graduation through injury. Yet you were pushing yourself; testing yourself; challenging yourself- and that is inspirational. Your groin injury will heal and you will graduate. There is a lady on here who has been trying to complete Couch for two years, and she is now almost there. It doesn't matter how long it takes, it just matters that we are all doing it, and we are doing it our way.

    Good luck with your recovery and please please please don't lose heart xx

  • Awww thank you for putting a positive spin on it Amisnan.... am feeling really fed up about it so nice to think at least i was trying - if just a bit too hard ;) Better than being sat at home doing nothing :)

  • Ttwo be honest Beth I started couch in May and have had two injury breaks, lasting between three and five weeks. I was beginning to wonder if I had it in me to do it. Then this morning I ran my first ever 30 minutes.

    You will recover and you will succeed. Everyone on here is behind you xxx

  • Such a shame Beth RICE is the normal way to treat sprains but not sure how you ice a groin strain. I found I had the odd groin twinge when I was doing C25K but have been fine since. Pulled my hamstring doing the speed podcast though I'm also a newbie when it comes to knowing how much is too much. Hope you recover soon and get graduation done the body is fantastic at fixing itself and you'll be stronger for pushing yourself.

    Good luck

  • The logistics of icing a groin strain isn't easy but found ice cube bags and a tea towel are coming in handy lol! It has taken a few people ( some very experienced runners) to actually get me to face up to facts that this isn't just a bit 'achy' but if it is waking me in the night and can't walk well, it is definitely a stain as was going to try and just push through the pain and apparently this could have completely torn the muscle- eeek! So things could be worse and I will so enjoy getting out there once I've healed:)

    Thank you for the good luck wishes:)

  • So sorry to hear about your injury, Beth :( Hopefully it will heal given a little rest (difficult, I know). It does happen as we are asking our bodies to do all sorts of unusual things, please keep your enthusiasm and look after yourself. PS I was out with a chest infection for two weeks mid program so I do feel your pain.

  • It's horrid having to rest as feel i was really getting somewhere with my running but never mind. Rest I must or I could make things alot worse. I have to be realistic and remember that I have done no physical activity for years and I suddenly started adding in running up hills and even found out I'd run for 36 minutes the other day without even realising... just feeling sore groins and thinking that showed I'd pushed myself in a good way lol!

    I am trying to be positive and going to see if I can work on my 'core strength' as apparently this can help in the long term and is something that doesn't require my inner thighs... just my tummy and that definitely could do with some help ;)

  • I really feel for you as it must be so frustrating.

    Don't be too hard on yourself though. You were challenging yourself to do better and that is to be admired. OK it went a bit wrong for you this time, but that was just bad luck.

    Your fitness wont drop off too much while you recover, so you probably wont need to go back too far in the programme to be back where you were in no time.

    Keep the fire burning and you will get there.....

  • Thanks Maysie1:) I am hoping I can get healed up and not have to go too far back in my training too. I have a 5k on the 21st Sept. for charity and a 10k charity run in November *sigh* Never mind , I will get there and in my darkest moments of frustration I can think of my gait analysis.... I have never been on a treadmill before in my life... it was pure comedy -Miranda Hart would have been proud of it :D

  • I hurt my knees twice and had to take an 8 week break before they were fully recovered, so I know how you feel. I was at the start of the programme though, so the frustration would be a lot less for me I am sure.

    Please make sure you are 100% before you get going again, else it may just set you back further.

    Good luck!

  • Sorry to hear that. Hopefully your visit to the physio will prove helpful. Good luck :)

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