Totally terrified newbie - where there's blame there's a claim........right????

So, off on w5 r2 this morning, all well and excellent, no problems there. However, it seems that the powers that be have paved Dartmouth, not in gold but in an, admittedly authentic looking, creamy coloured brick. Said brick, when wet closely resembles an ice rink! So here is my brilliant plan -

When I slip over on a run and break my arms / legs / neck / little toe I will sue the council over the loss of one of Britain's great running talents (may need some 'expert witnesses' to testify on this point......any volunteers?). I will then win millions in compensation. With said millions I will purchase a small Bahamian island that will be only for the use of c25k participants and graduates. We can then all run around our island in peace and quiet without feeling self conscious and without any of those pesky real world distractions that can spoil things for us.........

B****y brilliant, even if I do say so myself! (insert evil laugh and hand ringing here)

Have a lovely day my friends and dream of our paradise in the Bahamas.



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20 Replies

  • :D

    Now, I'm not usually a litigious man, Em, but I heartily support your rather brilliant plan and proffer my assistance in any way I can. Onward, to our running paradise!

    Well done on the run, by the way; do go steady on the ice rink!

  • Excellent, i picture us as some kind of perry mason / della street deal. We can definitely pull this off, all we need is some careful planning and must remember not to post details of dastardly plan on public forum...........d'oh.... It's like the great train robbers and their farmhouse all over again!!


  • Lol! Shhhhhhhhhh we won't tell anyone!

  • Excellent. We are all in this together my fellow C25ker!

  • Hang on, with your millions mean that your friends here would love to share in the love as as we call it £££££ :)

  • Share the love, share the running, share the island paradise - the more the merrier I say!

  • Running paradise? No dodgy pavements? No bin men passing 'helpful' comments about age, speed and technique? Count me in!!!

  • I'll be DElla STreet! I loved her deep voice and general,all-round smart cookieness

    Can we make sure there are no slopey pavements on our island paradise as they do my head in.

    Ta ever so

  • Absolutely! No slopey pavements and only perfect, smooth surfaces - except for those who want something a bit more challenging - and we will have a bespoke spa to relax in after our strenuous runs with plenty of masseurs and butlers to tend to our every whim. It is going to be brilliant. Except for my broken limbs, but it is a sacrifice I am prepared to make for my C25K friends!

  • Yes that's the part of this plan I really hate! Your poor broken limbs! No you can't do this! There must be another way of making millions quickly! Maybe we could simply ask Richard Branson for use of his island instead! I'm sure he would! He's got his own airline too, so travel wouldn't be a problem either! Oh well we can but dream! Running through the streets of Hull it is then for me! :-D

  • No, no it is fine, I am looking forward to the court case and lots of last minute surprise witnesses and close ups of the defence attorney's face.......hang on......I think I have been watching far too many reruns of 12 Angry Men, To Kill a Mockingbird and a Few Good Men

  • Lol!

  • If my fave actor of all time is gonna be there I sure will be! Della Reese at your service. I just lurrrrrrrrrrrrve Gregory Peck!

    We'll get zillions in compo for your sprained toe. Nay bother. Branson's transport is filthy! Ever travelled on one of his trains? Ew

  • Exactly! Pretty sure on our island we can ressurect any handsome actors we see fit to get........I am going to go with the (currently still living) Hugh Jackman and will fight you for Greg on alternate nights! This island is going to ROCK!

  • This made me smile :)

  • Not as much as running around on our sland will make you smile!!

  • I am due to go for a run (W3D2) later after I have voted - the weather is terrible! Cold and very wet. But in my mind I will be on your island in ideal weather and not a politician in sight! Lol unless they are running and keeping their political thoughts to themselves! ;-)

  • Well that is excellent! Already the island is making us happy and I haven't even injured myself yet! No politicians on the island but we might get dozzer in to run the place! (that will only make sense if you have seen dozzer's highly amusing posts - otherwise it will be gibberish!)

    Have a brilliant run


  • Count me in to your cunning plan!

  • Excellent, seems that I am building a small, if sneaky, army. Next run is Saturday and forecast a bit rubbish so reckon limbs should be all snapped by Sunday. Now where did I put my barrister's wig????

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