W6R2 unsuccessful!

The sun woke me at half five so instead of moaning about it I decided to get up and go!

I managed the first 10 minutes no problem but got to 7 minutes in the second run and just couldnt go any further. Feeling a little disheartened but will blame the wine of last night and hormones to make me feel better.

Now to decide whether to repeat that run or move on!


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  • Wine and hormones- an almost insurmountable barrier I reckon. W6 is horrible, really horrible IMHO, but it has to be done to build your fitness properly. The plan is carefully calculated and all the runs are important. Why not take a couple of days to let the hormones settle back down, then try it again. Very best of luck

  • Don't feel too disheartened - you did manage to run for 17 minutes in total. I would definitely blame the wine and hormones. Have a rest for a day or two, then repeat and move on!

  • If I were you I would repeat, because if you dont you will sure wish you had ! You will always have that little niggle you didnt do the C25K properly and anyway all the runs are for a reason, as AM pointed out. A little rest then rock it !

  • That week 6 is a tricky one, but I would repeat the run as the next one is pretty demanding. You will probably ace it next time - we all have bad runs sometimes.

  • Absolutely down to the wine / hormones :) If were me I would test for a couple of days and redo that run. Good luck :)

  • I hated week 6. Found it really difficult. I echo the thoughts above. A few days rest and redo the run. Drop the pace slightly and I am sure you will be successful.

    Good Luck!

  • On any given day there are a thousand and one things militating against a successful run. Sometimes you can identify likely problems, which can help in eliminating them in the future, but often bad runs just happen and we can't pin down why. As you progress through C25k you will improve your ability to run through the bad moments and develop that grit that gets you through regardless. Week six is tough, but so is every week, so don't let it get out of proportion. Find a time and space when the pressure is off, ease back the pace and it will work. You have done all the groundwork. Maybe ease back on the wine too!

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Thanks everyone. I will repeat it. This running malarky is really hard!!

  • In the whole grand scheme, your run was a complete success just with a final, slower 3 minutes. Sounds like you ran out of energy, rather than anything else. Running for 20 minutes total needs more energy than earlier runs. You know you can run for 20 minutes (W5r3), so repeat W6r2 after some rest and make sure you have some fuel before you go. My best runs require porridge and banana 90 minutes before departure otherwise I feel rubbish, but you know what you need & when.

    "You can do this".

  • Don't feel to bad. There are good runs and bad runs and you will never know until you are finished which it is going to be - just as IannodaTruffe said. The good thing is that it is over, that run is done and in the past so move on to the next. I would also agree with erveryone else and redo this one after a couple of days rest and remember the run after a bad run is usually better. Keep going and do keep us informed of your next run and how you get on.

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