Update on my heart

Thank you very much for all the positive vibes, friendly feedback, and helpful suggestions on my post yesterday. It lifted my mood and made me far more positive about the whole thing, so thank you, thank you, thank you!

This morning I was back at the surgery for my ECG and blood tests. As sod's law would dictate, the nurse couldn't find a vein, and the ECG thingy-ma-jee gave her an error message she had never seen before. Nothing like a bit of mystery to relax the patient :) Anyway, one of her colleagues, presumably the local super-vampire, managed to draw blood, and my GP got a set of heart rhythm diagrams out of the readings the ECG machine had already done.

My heart rhythm is fine. No need to worry. That was a big relief. The blood work will take a couple of days to get back from the lab, and I have an appointment scheduled for next Wednesday to talk it through with hi.

A new reading showed slightly lower BP (165 down to 159) and higher pulse (38 up to 45). The GP concluded that if the blood tests are clear, then maybe it's just one of those things ("white coat syndrome"), so he suggested that he'd try to get me a BP machine to borrow so I can monitor the blood pressure at home for a while. Sounds good to me.

When I asked about running he was very supportive. No need to worry, and in fact I got the impression that the more workout I can do, the better.

So all in all it was excellent news all way around. I have stopped worrying. Now I just need to convince her Ladyship that she can do the same.

Thank you for all the lovely responses yesterday. What a wonderful forum this is!


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18 Replies

  • Great news Tomas, hope this has helped allay your worries, peace of mind hey ? - nowt better . Now you can get out there and smash it ! :-) xxx

  • So glad. Hopefully everything will be ok with the blood tests. Go get out there and enjoy running x

  • Good news :)

  • That's brilliant news Tomas. So pleased for you :)

  • So very pleased for you, hopefully a little peace of mind and more running in your future.

  • Hi sorry I don't know the history to this post - anyway - my son blacked out while running in January (he was 16 then). The hospital were amazing and sent him for verious tests. He also had a treadmill test on an ECG machine and also fitted with a 24 hour ECG to monitor him while he trained. All thankfully was ok! They gave him an MRI scan next - we got the results back last week to say he is NORMAL! :-)

    If you do have more problems and while running it's worth bearing in mind there are such tests.

    Glad all is going well. It can be a very worrying time xx

  • Brilliant! As I understand it, in the majority of cases a root cause for hypertension is not obvious - no ticking time bomb. Just one of those things and one that can be remedied.

  • Oh that is so good to read Tomas, thank you for updating us. Best wishes to you and her ladyship. :-)

  • Good news Tomas! I too have a touch of the 'white coat syndrome'. It's extremely common and nothing to worry about, and from the stats you posted your BP was only borderline highish anyway (limited medical knowledge speaking here!). Brilliant that you have the all-clear for running.

  • Hooray. I am so pleased to hear that Tomas, that must be a big relief. White coat syndrome is really common. I get it myself - and I used to be a nurse :)

  • Great news, Tomas. I bet that's a worry off your mind. Hopefully you can relax and enjoying your running again.

  • Hooray Tomas! Sounds like good news. Get those running shoes on...

  • Oh that's really good news Tomas! Happy running x

  • Tomas,

    As I mentioned in your thread yesterday, "white coat syndrome" can cause issues.

    I'm in no way a medical professional and would always defer to your doctor's opinion. But, looking from the outside, you have a definite case of "Event + reaction = outcome". By that, I mean that it's going to very difficult for you to be anything but nervous about a blood pressure reading given what's at stake. You know the rest...

    Grab the doctor's offer of a blood pressure monitor with both hands. If possible, ask for a 24 hour monitor - you have to "wear" a blood pressure machine for a whole day and it takes readings at random in order to provide an averaged reading.

    I had this done and there was a difference of 15 points systolic and 10 points diastolic. That's a huge difference purely on account of anxiety! For me, it was the difference between knowing that I was reasonably OK and taking meds (on account of family history).

  • That's brilliant news Tomas - I'm glad that your mind has been put at rest, even though it involved dodgy ECG machines and vampires! Running is one of the best things you can do to improve your cardiovascular fitness and lower your blood pressure, and all the nasty things look like they've been ruled out. Just a few tests to wait for that'll probably be completely normal. So get your running shoes on and get out there!

  • Thank you so much for the responses guys. You have made a huge difference in how I have dealt with this, and it is due to your support that I'm totally calm about the whole thing (even if the blood tests might still show dodgy things).

    What a wonderful forum this is!

  • Good to hear Tomas, so glad you feel a lot better about this and I agree , this forum is the best :-) xxx

  • Great news, Tomas. I've only just seen this. So now you can get back in training to be the Olympic athlete you were born to be.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

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